LoL Pre-Season: Rune Changes Incoming! What's Omni Vamp?

Item Mythic Items LOL
New Items. Changed Runes. New stats. So much new information. (Image Credit: Riot Games)

Season 10 has ended, which means that it is now time for everyone to re-learn how to play League of Legends, just like every single year when it’s time for the pre-season. Last year we got a whole new Rift with Dragon changes, this year we’re getting a new shop and new items.

But we’ve written enough about the mythic items for now. We will get back to those soon, but today we've decided to take aim at a different change. This time around we’re going to be talking about the changes coming up to the Runes and the new Omni vamp stat.

Since things like Ability Haste are being introduced instead of Cooldown Reduction, we will see some changes to Runes. Of course, there are also rune changes to those which aren’t affected by Ability Haste.

Conqueror will have its Adaptive Force increased going from 1.7-4.2 per stack to 2-5 per stack, while the healing aspect is going to be decreased from 15% (8% for ranged champions) to 9% (6% for ranged champions). This means you’ll have more damage, but less sustain.

Ravenous Hunter will now be a more universal rune with a change from flat out spell-healing to Omnivamp. It will now start champions with 1% Omni vamp but with each stack gain 2%.

Omni vamp is a new defensive stat introduced in the pre-season which will convert a percentage of physical, magical, and true damage into health. This stat stacks additively as well which means the more Omni vamp stats you’ve got the more, you’ll heal. This sounds a lot like Lifesteal right? Well unlike Lifesteal, where you only gain health back by auto-attacking – or through specific abilities which have Lifesteal built-in – you can now gain health back through all attacks. It is important to note that AoE attacks only be 33% effective.

Rune Page League of Legends
Runes play a big part in League of Legends. Who remembers the OG overly complicated Rune system? (Image Credit: Riot Games)

Ingenious Hunter will gain 10 item haste (+5 Bounty hunter stack), due to the change from cooldown reduction to ability haste. Item haste will have an effect on both passive and active items, reducing their cooldowns.

Along with Ingenious Hunter, Cosmic Insight will also be affected by the Ability Haste change. Now, players will gain 10 item haste, which applies to all item cooldowns instead of 5% active item CDR. Summoner Spells will also gain 15 Summoner Haste instead of the flat 5% Summoner Spell CDR.

Transcendence will now get you bonuses upon reaching certain levels. At Level 5, gain +5 Ability Haste. At Level 8, another +5 Ability Haste. Reaching Level 11 will reduce the remaining cooldowns by 20% after a takedown.

Changes to Presence of Mind mean that players are encouraged to trade more often since it will now increase mana regen from 1.5-11 (Level 1-18) per second for 4 seconds. This stat will be 80% effective on ranged champions. Champions that use energy will regain 1.5 energy per second and takedowns restore 15% of maximum mana or maximum energy.

These are some of the bigger rune changes coming this pre-season. Hopefully, this will help you understand this tsunami of information which can be quite overwhelming at the end of a long League of Legends season.

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