LoL Pre-Season: What is Ability Haste and How Is it Different From CDR?

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Image Credit: Riot Games

We’ve talked about the item changes which will change the rift, as well as the change to Critical Strikes. Those aren’t the only changes players will experience as of next week when the pre-season is going to go live on all servers.

It won’t be just items that are getting reworked, but also runes as well as the Cooldown Reduction system which has always been hard to balance for Riot Games. Cooldown reduction is going to be replaced with something called Ability Haste.

What is Ability Haste Though?

Well, it will also reduce the cooldown of a champion's abilities, but it will do this in a much more – hopefully – balanced way. Cooldown Reduction and Ability might do the same thing, but they do it in different ways. While Cooldown reduction scaled exponentially, Ability Haste will scale linearly.

The more Cooldown reduction someone had built, the better it was since it took a percentage of the original cooldown away. This meant that having a lot of cooldown reduction could make some champions completely broken, hence why there was a cap on the stat at 40%.

This has been changed with Ability Haste though. No more cap. You can build as much as you want because Ability Haste basically entails that for every 1 Ability haste you’ll be able to cast your spell 1% more often.

Sounds confusing right? Well, let’s do some math and hopefully, it’ll make some more sense then, since it is rather confusing when you first learn about it.

Ability Haste basically means that a single second of your cooldown will pass faster for each point of the stat. Let’s say we’ve got 25 Ability Haste, then that means our cooldown count will be 25% faster. 1 second with 25 Ability Haste will go by in 0.75 seconds instead. This means that with 25 Ability haste a cooldown of 10 seconds is going to go down to 8 seconds.

Due to the Cooldown reduction overhaul, specific runes that gave players some cooldown reduction have been changed to fit this adjustment. For example, Transcendence will now give players 5 Ability Haste at level 5 and another 5 at level 8. Once you’ve reached level 11 Transcendence will cause takedowns to reduce the remaining cooldowns of basic abilities by 20%.

Cosmic Insight will also get changed to give players 15 Ability Haste to their Summoner Spell Cooldown and 10 Ability Haste to their Spell Cooldown.

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