LoL Preseason 2022: Challenges & Progression Crystals

Preseason 2022 progression
Just how many challenges did you complete? | © Riot Games

The regional playoffs are in full swing and the Worlds 2021 are just around the corner. Which teams will get a ticket to the event of the year will be decided in the next few weeks. But with the end of the season comes something else. The Preseason! Now, Riot has revealed first info on the LoL Preseason 2022. Here, you can find out everything about the challenges and progress crystals for Season 12!

By now, we're all familiar with it. Annual preseason business, so to speak: Riot Games tackle our beloved Rift and turn it upside down. This keeps the players happy, and they can test new things to make the game more interesting and, of course, balance it perfectly. Preseason 2022 is no exception. Today, we introduce you to two of the new features that Riot has announced: The challenges and progression crystals that will come with LoL season 12.

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LoL Preseason 2022: Challenges

What does every LoL player love? That's right! Comparing yourself with others. It is simply exciting to see if and in what categories you are better than your friends and other players. That's why Riot Games is now planning the season 12 challenges. Riot is well aware that it's not about ranks and solo queue for everyone in the community. The challenges are to be aimed at all game modes and possibilities to individualize oneself.

In the Preseason 2022 thread on the official League of Legends site, Riot describes it like this:

Not much of a Ranked player, but love collecting skins and champions? Are you amazing at CSing, but leave the kills to teammates? Or maybe you're known for being the ultimate skillshot dodger? Challenges let you personalize and show off the exact type of player you are.

We think it's a good idea. Not everyone plays League for the same reasons, and Riot creates more possibilities to keep the community happy and busy in a simple way. In addition, every player gets the feeling of being unique. The profile becomes more and more personalized, and hardly one will be the same as another.

Riot pursues the following goals with the challenge system:

  • Players can track their general mastery and investment in League of Legends
  • Players can visualize and compare a variety of League accomplishments
  • Players have many different types of challenges and accomplishments to progress and strive towards

This is what the whole thing should look like in-game:

Preseason 2022 challenges
Would you be down? | @ Riot Games

LoL Preseason 2022: Progression Crystals

Another new system are the so-called progression crystals. In League, there are several ways to show who you are as a player: your playstyle, role, summoner icons, summoner name, prestige level, rank, favorite champion, and so on. Riot summarizes all this as progression identity. The personalization options now play an important role for many LoL players and with Preseason 2022 and season 12, Riot shows that once again.

The concept of progression crystals goes hand in hand with that of challenges. You get points for every achievement you bag. These points will be added to your progression account. Depending on how many points you have earned, one of the progression crystals from the title screen will adorn your profile.

Riot has also announced that work is being done on champion-specific aspects. At the moment, they are still thinking about how to integrate champion banners into the game and the lobbies, for example. This way, every player can show off their favorite champ.

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