Roadmap Leaked: The End of Mobility

Lo L Mobility Change
The Kench is getting a rework guys. (Credit: Riot Games)

Riot Games has everything under control... at least most of the time. Currently though, it seems that the game designers aren't too satisfied with the game state. The gameplay design director has leaked Riots plans for the future of some champions as well as items and well... say goodbye to mobility.

Mark Yetter, Gameplay Design Director for League Of Legends revealed via Twitter which projects the balancing team is currently working on. Sure, the list isn't complete, but it gives us a good overview of what is to come in the coming months. Which items and champions are being looked at by the balancing team? Will we ever get to see an Aurelion Sol rework?

What Changes Await Us in the Coming Patches?

The foreseen changes will mostly affect the top lane meta as well as mobility. Two items will be adjusted, and two champions should be getting reworks. So that's quite a lot of stuff happening in the coming patches, let's hope it all goes well!

What are These New Items?

The Top lane is still just an island and somehow has turned into its own little mini-game. Riot wants to change a few things to improve the split-push. So while two existing items are going to be adjusted, there will also be two new split-pushing items added into the item shop. One item should be for fighters, while another made available for tanks. To further improve the split-push the outer turrets will also be adjusted so that there is an actual reason for champions to move into other lanes.

Riot also plans to change the top lane dependency on Thornmail. So be prepared to get Warmogs and Frozen Heart in the coming patches. Bye Bruiser builds and welcome back to the tank show.

Skin Psy Ops Sona
The Sona mini-rework is confirmed, but when? (Credit: Riot Games)

Which Champions are Getting Reworked?

Two champions will be getting reworked according to Riot Games. One of them is Tahm Kench. The catfish has been waiting for his rework for quite some time now, and we're happy to see it get confirmed and rolling. And well until his champion rework hasn't been complete then we can't celebrate the next one yet either. Sona is also in desperate need of a new kit. Most say that Seraphine's kit should have just gone into Sona as a rework, so we're excited to see what is in store for the Sona rework. Now we just have to be patient to see when we get these changes.

How Will Mobility be Adjusted?

In total, it seems like Riot wants to change the whole system with which Items stack movement speed. Seems a bit like the Ability Haste and Cooldown Reduction change from before Season 11...

How will Riot go about this though? Well, they want to nerf the movement speed stats in runes and items. So basically we're just going to be inting a little slower in the coming patches. But what is going to happen to immobile champions? We're excited to see.

Also, it seems that extra item mobility (like that of Stridebreaker) will be taken out. My Sett-main heart is crying, but I understand... it's too powerful.

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Original Article by EarlyGame Author Eric Ganther