LoL Leak: New Ruined King Map & Ultimate Spellbook Game Mode

LoL Ruined King Game Mode
A zombie baron!? What is next? (Quelle:

The saga of the Ruined King is taking its next steps in League of Legends. Data leaks reveal screenshots of a new map as well as a ruined king game mode. We've taken a look and summarized key points for you right here.

Viego, the Ruined King, was revealed as a new League of Legends champion early on in Season 11 and with it, we got a lot of added Lore to the LoL universe. Since then, it's been quiet, with TFT being the LoL game that has embraced the Ruination theme the most. In League of Legends, we got a Mundo rework, a new Tahm Kench and cool skins, but Viego stayed quiet. Until now.

What is the Ruined King Saga?

The Ruined King Saga is a Lore-Event that centers around Viego, the Ruined King. The story began in January with the release of Viego as a champion and has continued with champion releases like Gwen. There are more to come in 2021.

Now, with the coming patches, Riot is going to move the story along, especially with a new promising-looking game mode – the Ruined King Game mode. We're also getting some new visuals on the rift, and it's about time, since the last time we got that was the winter wonder map! Now, we're getting a ruined map, perfect for the Ruination which has befallen Runeterra!

New Ruined King Game Mode and a new Map

Dataminers over at Surrenderat20 found files with new textures for a new Summoner's Rift look! Basically, a map in the Ruination-style. Dragons and the Baron are shimmering dangerously due to the dark mist. The ground is broken with souls escaping from the cracks. It's a bit early for Halloween, no?

Along with the new map and objective visuals, dataminers also found two audio files which could indicate that some voiceovers for specific champions also changed to fit the ruination theme. Ashe, Miss Fortune and Jarvan IV seem to be the champions involved.

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The files explicitly have the numbers "11_14" in their description, which could indicate that these changes will be implemented in the coming LoL Patch 11.14. This could mean that the Ruination will hit Summoner's Rift on Thursday, the 8th of July. Until then, we will have to rely on any information we could get from PBE, on how the ruined king game mode could look.

What is the Ruined King Game Mode - Ultimate Spellbook?

Ultimate Spellbook is a new game mode being tested on PBE right now in which a summoner spell is replaced by another champion's ultimate. Ultimate Spellbook is going to be a blind pick game mode, so players won't have to worry about their favorite champion being banned.

Players will load into the game with only one summoner spell. Once in-game, they'll have 30 seconds to choose from one of three random ultimates as their second summoner spell. Of course, the pool of ultimates isn't completely random since they all come from a list of 39 champions.

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This ultimate summoner spell in League of Legends new game mode will be available even before level 6 and have a 135-second cooldown. If you have summoner spell haste, you'll be able to scale those 135-seconds down, though!

Ultimate Spellbook looks to be extremely fun. Just imagine the shenanigans you can get up to when using a Blitzcrank hook to pull in opponents only to Lee Sin kick them under tower to die.

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