League of Style: Samira Champion Guide

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No fingers were broken in the making of this guide.

In our Champion Guide Series, we present the most important mechanics and play styles for all the League of Legends champions to you. We show you which Runes to pick, how to play the champion and of course, the best item builds.

Samira has been a nightmare for anyone in the bot lane, as an opponent, and as a champion to play. Her mechanics aren't the easiest to pick up, making her a Solo Queue horror come to life. But now, we have this Samira Champion Guide for you to turn that nightmare into a sweet dream of victory.

Samira spends a lot of her time during this guide just dashing from place to place. If that is too much and way too complicated for you, then don't worry, we've got you covered with guides to champions like Ashe and Jinx. And if you just want to take things slow and bash your face into a tower, then try out the reworked Mundo.

Samira is a great champion, but writing a guide for Samira is about as easy as it is to figure out these mobility changes coming to League of Legends in Patch 11.13, or these new Lillia updates. Now, before we begin, make sure to warm up your hands and fingers, so you don't break or strain anything. Things are about to get serious.

Samira Champion Guide: What can Samira do?

Samira is one of the few ADCs who don't really need any attack speed. You've probably already looked over our infographic up top and wondered where the attack speed went. And well, you're right. In this Samira champion guide, you won't be needing any attack speed. Wonderful, but how does it work?

What makes Samira so unique?

Samira is an ADC who doesn't rely on auto-attacks. Lame right clicks and awkward kiting aren't part of her vocabulary. Samira is played with style. And well, her Q, as well as her ultimate, scale with crit. So by buying a few crit items, you'll get the most out of her. Auto-attacks are just there to fill the gaps.

  • Oh wow, now this guy is a Samira pro! Check out RNG GALA and if you're more into European LoL esports, don't worry we've got the LEC covered.

One thing you have to watch out for though is her laning phase. Samira has a mere 500 range, which means that in the early game you'll probably get poked out of lane. So, how do you fight that?

Normally, we suggest either to hit it or leave it, but in Samira's case, this doesn't really work. You need one to get the other. With every stack of her passive, Samira gains movement speed, which you can use to dash in and out of danger, tilting the opposing Caitlyn whenever you need – even in lane.

Engage Guide: Samira jumps in!

The key with Samira is to know when to jump into the fray, and when to engage the opponent. So take these guide points into account when playing Samira, and you'll be good to go:

  1. All your abilities are off-cooldown.
  2. You've already landed your Q at least once (so combined with an auto-attack, you've already got two stacks).
  3. Make sure no other opponents are waiting for you in the bushes.

Those are the key points to remember when wanting to engage with Samira, but this wouldn't be a complete Samira champion guide if we didn't tell you what combo to use to dish out the ultimate amount of pain: Q>Auto>Q>W>E>W and then the Ultimate.

Make sure to remember the W>E>W part of the combo. Samira throws her blade around once at the beginning of the spell and again at the end. You need to hit the opponent in both instances and dash through them. If this isn't done, then say goodbye to those style points you could have gained.

Samira Mechanics Guide to Reign in the Rest

Samira can cast her Q while dashing with her E, leaving behind a trail of bombs. If you dash through an opponent, this will be a 100% guaranteed hit. Keep in mind, that you also gain a dash reset whenever you kill an opponent. This way, you can always get out of a situation as well.

Another important part to point out in our Samira champion guide, is that the longer the game goes on, the more important it is to keep an eye on the style rating. Is your ultimate ready? Where are your points at right now? What about your cooldowns? Then, once it's ready, you can use her ultimate and since Samira's ult works just like that of Katarina, she can be interrupted by any cc. So make sure to track the opponents' abilities before clicking R.

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