LoL: End of Season 10 Is in Sight – What Now?

League of Legends Season 11 1
Riot is changing up Summoner's Rift

We’ve got one more week of Ranked League of Legends before the pre-season starts with Patch 10.23. As normal, huge changes await us. Last year, we were graced with a whole new dragon system, creating the elemental rifts. This year Riot has set their sights on the items.

New mythic items will be introduced as well as a whole new interface for the item shop. New classifications have also been created to give items and their strength for a new overview of items. How this will pan out will be tested in the pre-season before Season 11 of League of Legends starts.

Victorious Lucian Skins
Free skins for all! Well... almost all. (Image Credit: Riot Games)

But before all that we’ve got some more things to look forward to. That is some sweet drops. Season 10 will end November 10, and for anyone who played ranked this season, a few prizes will be given to you. Anyone who managed to make it to Gold and above will be gifted a Victorious Lucian skin and if you don’t own the champion, you’ll get him as well.

But even those of you who hadn’t made it to Gold or above will be able to get some stuff. Everyone is also going to be able to sport some new icons and banners on their League of Legends profile.

Then after November 10, we will be heading into a 2-month period of pre-season where the upcoming item changes will be tested. Until now, these new changes have only been played by a select few in PBE for the last 6 weeks, but now all League of Legends players can try it out without having to fear for their LP.

Along with item changes, we will also have a few updates to stats, such as Cooldown Reduction, which will be called Ability Haste and won’t have a cap, as CDR had. Critical strike chance will also see some changes by making it available on more items.

Currently, there is no known date for the beginning of Season 11, but it’s usually early January. So, enjoy the upcoming months of unranked and prepare to grind the ladder once more in 2021.

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