LoL: Season 11 Will Change the Way We Rank Up

Ranked icons league of legends
How will the way we rank change in 2021? (Image Credit: Riot Games)

Ever feel like you’re just a single wain away from making it out of Gold II and into Gold I, but then end up with a team full of trolls. Repeat this about four times, and then you’re basically reliving every League of Legends players’ nightmare.

Ranking up has been nothing but a chore, and oftentimes felt almost impossible. To make it into a division, promo players would have to win a game and win two-out-of-three to make it into the next rank. This means that from 4 games, you’d have to win 3.

Old lol ranked icons
League of Legends Ranked sure has come a long way eh? (Image Credit; Riot Games)

Those aren’t great odds, especially when playing Solo Queue, and any game could just be filled with trolls. This is why Riot is going to get rid of the divisional promos in the upcoming season. This will cause a lot more up-and-down between ranks since the puffer of a 3-game losing streak before ranking back down will also be alleviated.

Overall this change is going to make ranking up much easier and more satisfying. Going between divisions within the same rank won’t depend on two or three games any more after having had some good matches.

Ranked is also going to have some changes made to try and make matchmaking better. This means that players of the same rank will be more likely to play together, rather than have people from all different ranks face off against one another.

Mastery icon league
Play your mastered Champions and rank up in Season 11 (Image Credit: Riot Games)

High Elo players who want to queue up with their friends, might be unhappy with the prospective change of getting rid of duo-queue. This change would affect players in Masters and over. This is done to try and make higher ranked games fairer, since communication plays a big part in more coordinated fights.

So for 2021, Riot plans changes to items and the shop, but also to the way we play and interact in ranked. Hopefully, these changes will be positive and make more people want to play ranked to try and climb the ladder.

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