LoL Season 11: End Date, Rewards & More

Season 11 of League of Legends is coming to an end. Let's check what we know about our end-of-year rewards and more!
Season 11 Gold Emblem lol
Will we be getting ranked rewards at the end of Season 11? | © Riot Games

We take a look at the rest of Season 11 and what Riot Games has to offer players before the end of the year. How many patches do we still have to endure before bigger changes hit the rift once more?

Season 11 brought us a new item shop with whole new items. Dr. Mundo received a full make-over thanks to his rework and the Mid-Season Invitational took place again. Of course, we also got new champions, some we hated, while others we instantly took a liking to. But what’s in store for the rest of the year? When will Season 11 end?

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What Changed in Season 11 of League of Legends?

Before we look ahead, let’s quickly recap what exactly happened throughout 2021 and Season 11 of League of Legends. As mentioned above, we got a whole new upgraded item shop. Sure, it took us a while to figure out how to pin the boots in the sidebar, but eventually, we got used to it.

With the new item shop, we also got introduced to whole new item categorizations with mythic items, of which players are only allowed to buy one. So once you’ve got that Liandrie’s, you won’t switch to a Luden’s anymore. Decisions are made, and you live with them in Season 11.

Did these changes go as Riot wanted? Not really, because one thing we know for Season 12, is that more itemization changes are heading our way.

Which Champions Were Released in Season 11?

Thus far a total of four champions have been released – well technically 3 since Vex is only being released in Patch 11.19. All champions that have been released have centered around a specific aspect of League of Legends lore and the main character of it all, Viego, was the first to be released in League of Legends Season 11.

Gwen, an AP top laner was also released, followed by Akshan this summer and now our mid lane mage Vex will also join Summoner’s Rift this fall. At the beginning of Season 11, Riot had stated that they wanted to release a total of 6 champions this year, so we will have to see whether they are able to push out two more champions. Isolde would be cool to have as a champion though…

When Will League of Legends Season 11 End?

The official ranked season will probably end around early November. Usually, Riot takes about two and a half months to implement all the new changes coming to League of Legends in the upcoming season. Before season 10 it was a whole new way to play with the elemental rift, while last year it was the new item implementations.

Riot hasn’t made any official announcements when Season 11 ranked will conclude, but judging by previous years, it is likely going to be around the 10th of November.

Victorious Blitzcrank Skin
You'll be getting a shiny new Blitz at the end of the season! | © Riot Games

Will You Get Rewards at the End of Season 11?

Yes. If you managed to make it above Gold, you’ll be getting a Victorious skin. Last year, players got a Victorious Lucian skin. If you were higher than Gold, you were even gifted chromas for the Victorious Lucian skin.

This year, you'll be receiving a Blitzcrank skin for your hard work! If you make it higher than Gold, you'll also be receiving Chromas based on your rank at the end of the year!

What is Changing in League of Legends Season 12?

Riot has already announced a few changes they’re looking to make in Season 12. Some of which are comeback mechanics, which could change the way we play a game, with extra missions and gold – as if bounties weren’t bad enough.

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They also want to continue to work on items as well as runes in League of Legends Season 12. Some rune paths seem rather obsolete – Inspiration being the main problem there. So more item choices and upgrades to the runes will be tested out before Season 12.

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