LoL: What is the Best Support Seraphine Build?

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Seraphine was once the most hated champion, but now people got over her. | © Riot Games

It's been almost a year since Seraphine was released. The hate she got has died down, and it seems, with Sona getting a rework soon, people have stopped calling the Starry Eyed Songstress Sona 2.0. So now that it's socially acceptable to play her, we were wondering, what's Seraphine's best build?

So to start off, we have to decide whether Seraphine is a support or a mid lane champion. Riot had intended her to be a mid laner, but to be honest, she makes an appearance in the support role far more often. Therefore, we'll take a look at a Support Seraphine Build!

Seraphine is a very easy champion to play. She is straightforward and anyone who is just starting out can easily pick up her kit. She has solid AoE as well as cc in her build, which will feel great.

Seraphine Build: Her Abilities

Let us quickly go over Seraphine's abilities, just to refresh your memory.

  • Passive - Stage Presence: Every third basic spell will cast twice from Seraphine. Additionally, casting spells near allies grants her bonus magic damage and range on her next basic attack.
  • Q - High Note: Seraphine deals damage in an area.
  • W - Surround Sound: Seraphine Shields and Hastes nearby allies. If she is already Shielded she will Heal nearby allies as well.
  • E - Beat Drop: Seraphine deals damage and impairs the movement of enemies in a line.
  • R - Encore: Seraphine deals damage and charms enemies hit, refreshing the range with every allied or enemy champion hit.

Seraphine Build: What Runes Should You Pick?

The best rune for Seraphine is probably Arcane Comet. Why Arcane comet over Summoner Aery? Well, Arcane Comet can be used to scout out brushes. By utilizing Seraphine's long range, you're able to see if an opponent is lying in wait if the Comet follows her attack.

Summoner Aery is also a great choice since you can proc it with her E and Q combo, but the cooldown of Seraphine's W is very long, so we can't get the full power of the defensive Aery.

Along with Arcane Comet pick up Mana Flow Band and Transcendence. You'll be using your abilities a lot, so it's important to keep up with mana demand. Transcendence is key to spamming her abilities to proc her passive.

As a secondary keystone, pick the Inspiration rune path. Get Magical Footwear to save some money later on. Seraphine isn't the fastest champion, so the added movement speed is great. Also, Biscuit Delivery is a must if you want to push lane.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let's have a look at how should you itemize Seraphine?

Seraphine Build: Which Items to Buy?

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Seraphine took the stage in LoL Patch 10.22. What has changed since then? | © Riot Games

Well, let’s look at her footwear first. Seraphine is a Mage Support. We think that giving her Ionian Boots of Lucidity is the best choice. Why? Because of the ability haste the boots give you!

Her core mythic should either be Moonstone Renewer or Shurelya's Battlesong. We suggest Shurelya's, because it lets Seraphine roam around the map and gives her allies some much-needed speed as well. Especially immobile ADC's like Jhin or Jinx will thank you.

If the opposing team has a Soraka or Yuumi on their team, make sure to rush Oblivion Orb and go into Chemtech Putrifier. This way you'll get that anti-heal you need to go toe-to-toe with annoying healing supports.

Finally, pick Staff of Flowing Water. This is especially useful if you've got some more AP champions on your team since the item will enhance anyone's AP whom you shield.

So there you have it. Pick up Seraphine and float around Summoner’s Rift singing the praises of just about any champ she meets, and then end them with the final voice line of ‘are you my first hater?’. You'll be able to annoy enemies and win lane all in one!

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