LoL: The New Mythic-Items – 'Never Change a Running System'... right?

Mythic Items
The new Mythic items which we will be seeing quite soon! (Image Credit: Riot Games)

Since the beginning of September we’ve been wondering about the Mythic Items that Riot Games wants to implement into League of Legends. We have already reported on some of the items, but since then a lot has changed. So what is happening now that they’ve been tested in PBE for a couple of weeks?

Riot Games wants to revise the item system, and they have already announced to add so-called Mythic Items. What's up with these and why are the fans not very enthusiastic about them?

So what's new and what about the items that LoL players have been using for years?

UI and Icons

The UI of the item shop has been completely revised and now looks much more orderly. With the UI revision, it is easier to find shoes, potions and wards, because they get their own extending window. Additionally, the 'Recommended' tab is now displayed larger, which might be useful for beginners or those who want to try out new champs. Also, many icons of the items have been changed or recreated to give them a more suitable and modern look.

Item UI small
Here you can see the difference between the two UIs: the old on the left and the new on the right. (Image Credit: Riot Games)

Items and their rarity

Completely new is the division of items into rarities. It starts, as usual, with starter items, followed by basic items. That's all stuff we've seen and heard of before. New is the increase to Epics, Legendaries and, last but not least, the dreaded Mythic Items. Another change is that the stacking of Legendaries (previously known as end items) will no longer be possible. Each Legendary can only be in your inventory once. The Mythic Items are even more special: you can have only one of them in your inventory. So you have to think carefully about which one you want to get!

Let's get to the question of why fans fear the new Mythic Items

This is simply because the Mythic Items are OP. Meaning: They are so strong that they can destroy the game. Also, on the PBE, builds and items are currently being tested and tests show just how overly strong the new items are. A small example: Duskblade of Draktharr.

Any Assassin’s favorite item and an essential part of any build! The item is still mostly the same but has been given a passive, which is perhaps a bit extreme:

After killing an opposing champ, you will become invisible for 1.5 seconds, which will make it difficult for your opponents to take their revenge. This passive could cause champions like Pyke to disappear for a very long time, due to the invisibility, while they are undisturbed by the enemy. This is because Pyke's Ultimate ensures that after each kill with this ability, he can use the Ultimate again to jump to the next champ. If the next champ is also killed, the process can continue - so imagine that with the additional Mythic item and how unstoppable a Pyke Main could become with it.

Many of the Mythic Items have received bonuses of similar strength and many players say these items are too extreme. And not only Mythic Items – also one or two new Legendary Items are stronger than you would think.

We wonder how Riot Games will handle this, as the patch will go live in 2 weeks with the integration of all new features. Will there be enough time to balance and adjust these items? Or will we see some hot fixes coming our way when this whole meta goes live?

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Original Article written by EarlyGame's Tamara Dodlek