LoL: Udyr to Get a Rework in 2021

Udyr 0
Udyr was chosen as the next champion to get a whole new overhaul (Credit: Riot Games)

The results are out and the people have spoken! At the beginning of the year, Riot had announced many of their plans for the upcoming year for League of Legends: New champions, new stories and even new champion reworks.

Throughout the month fans could vote in a poll for the next big champion update. This update wouldn't just include the overall skills, but also the look of the champion. They’re currently working on a VGU for Mundo and have successfully done this with Fiddlesticks as well last year.

So who is the fan-voted champion? Well, none other than Udyr ladies and gentlemen. Sure, he is currently experiencing some high win rates a new surge in popularity, but his ‘run straight at you and slash at you’ style won’t work forever and it clearly hasn’t worked for a long time.

Udyr is a very old champion with an outdated kit and is in desperate need of a big rework. The idea behind his kit is interesting, but it just doesn’t hold up in comparison to some of the newer champions like Samira or Yone.

Skin lines League of Legends
Crime City Nightmare, Debonair 2.0 and Monster Tamers were the choices for new Skin themes. (Credit: Riot Games)

This isn’t the only thing Fans had a chance to vote on. New skin themes were also teased and fans can expect Crime City Nightmare as well as Debonair 2.0. Both of these thematics won the hearts of League of Legends fans thanks to the amazing splash art shown.

Until we know more about these new skins though, fans will have to make do with the upcoming Lunar New Year themed skins which will be released with Patch 11.3.

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