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You want to know how to master Vayne? Read our champion guide!

In this Season 11 champion build guide, we're going to be taking a look at Vayne down in the bot lane. You'll know how to master the ADC and just how effective she is as one of the best hypercarries in season 11!

Vayne is the champion with the highest single target DPS in all of League of Legends. Her true damage lets her shred through tanks with ease. Did we mention her tumble makes her extremely mobile? Well, now you know, and you must be wondering: Does Vayne even have any weaknesses? Yes, we're going to be getting into those in our Vayne champion build guide as well, don't worry. Because if you aren't aware of her iffy early game and lack of AoE damage, then you won't be able to master her. But don't worry, we'll tell you just how to get around all that in this Vayne champion guide.

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Vayne Build: Runes and Items


There is only one Keystone that makes sense on Vayne and that's Press the Attack from the Precision Tree. Press the Attack gets procced at the same time as the passive on her W. Thanks to the bonus damage, you've got the most single-target damage that you can achieve with Vayne.

You can also pick Triumph or Overheal. Also, Legend: Alacrity for the extra attack speed is also a smart rune choice. This scales extremely well on Vayne. Cut Down is another must-have on Vayne since she loves to shred and cut through tanks! So pick that up as well!

In the second tree, we suggest going for Domination. Taste of Blood and Ravenous Hunter are perfect for self-healing.


The best mythic for Vayne is definitely Immortal Shieldbow. It's got everything Vayne wants stats-wise. The passive gives her a shield, not to mention the sustain for elongated fights, and the mythic passive also includes more damage and HP.

Guinsoo's Rageblade is an aboluste key item for Vayne. She builds stacks in fights and will grow in power. Wit's End is also a great item choice – and this isn't just when your opponents are very AP heavy – because the items passive and the added magic damage work great with Vayne's kit.

If you want to go off-meta, you can also try playing her with Kraken Slayer, but in the current LoL Patch 11.18 meta, this isn't a winning option.

Vayne Guide: Early Game

This is the weakest phase of the game for Vayne. Vayne doesn't have the biggest range, and her damage scales. As we mentioned up top in our Vayne champion guide, she doesn't have any AoE damage.

This means your early game goal is merely to farm. That way, you can eventually get the items you need so that once you hit the mid and late game, you can come online. So, while in lane, you'll probably struggle, especially against champions like Caitlyn who can just bully you due to her range. Make sure to use your Q to dodge any poke coming your way. Don't use Q to over-extend ever! It will be a quick death for you.

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Vayne's biggest strength is her W. If you fight, then focus on one target at all times. That way, you gain stacks and can abuse the true damage gained. That's also why attack speed is such an important stat on her. This is how you can proc the W-passive over-and-over.

So your early game goal is basically to go even in lane. That is already a win for you going into the mid game, most likely.

Vayne Guide: Mid Game

This is where you start to realize why we say that Vayne is one of the best hyper carries in the game. If you make it to the mid game with Immortal Shieldbow and Rabeblade in your inventory, then you're an absolute monster!

The advantage that Vayne has over other ADCs is that the armor other champions build just doesn't matter to her. While other carries have to build Lord Dominik's Regards, Vayne is able to use her gold more efficiently and build attack speed instead. She will still do more damage to a 400 armor Malphite than Jinx can even dream of, so use your true damage, auto-attack as much as possible and try to peel for yourself thanks to the stun in her E and her invisibility through her ult.

One of the few shortcomings she has is – like any carry in the mid and late game – that she is pretty squishy. That's why Shieldbow is currently such an effective item. It gives her sustain, and she's even able to survive a Zed ultimate. Vayne works best with tanky CC-supports like Nautilus or Leona, so try to play with a friend. That is how you can get the most out of her. Hell, even Yuumi-Vayne can be toxic as hell for opponents.

Vayne Guide: Late Game

This is where Vayne really pops off! Sure, it feels like an auto-attack simulator since that's all you need to know how to do, but seriously, you're able to take down the opposing mid laner with three auto-attacks in this phase of the game and boy does it feel good. Beefy top laner might need 6 auto-attacks or for you to use your ultimate, but they're also going to have a bad time when facing Vayne.

Seriously, Vayne is mobile and can dodge any attack, her invisibility making her all the more obnoxious, only for her to emerge, auto-attack and the enemy is dead once more. EZ GG.

One thing to keep in mind is her positioning. Don't give your enemies the time and space to get close to you, and then you can 1v9 and carry any game to victory. The final item we do suggest getting is Guardian Angel, just in case you do ever misstep. So keep in mind that once you reach this part of the game, all you want to do is to auto-attack and not get caught. You can peel with ease thanks to your mobility.

If you want to master Vayne, you'll have to master the art of kiting. Once you've dodged all opposing attacks you are a League of Legends god thanks to Vayne. Pentakills were never easier.

Vayne Guide: Good and Bad Matchups

Vayne mostly has bad matchups in lane. As we mentioned in our Vayne champion build guide, her weakest point is the laning phase due to her short range. So any long-ranged ADC like Caitlyn, Jhin or Xayah will give her some trouble.

Vayne is good against anyone in the late game. Seriously, no team can get on her level. Tanks like Malphite and Amumu are especially susceptible to being shot down by her. Their tankiness won't be enough, and she can shred through them like soft butter.

That's it for this Vayne champion build guide. We hope you learned something! If you have any epic Vayne plays send them to us on Twitter!

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