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League of Legends Patch 11.19 has finally been released and with it, we got a whole new champion who has joined Summoner’s Rift. Vex is finally ready to dominate the mid lane, but that begs the question, just how do you do that? Well, my friends, this is where our EarlyGame Vex build and guide comes into play.

Vex will be quite the popular pick in solo queue in the coming weeks. Not only because she is the shiny new toy in the mid lane, but she is also the perfect counter to anyone and everyone with a dash. We’ve taken a look at Vex and just how to build the new mid lane Yordle!

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Vex Build: Runes and Items

Vex is the newest champion, so her build is still being tested out right now, but this is what has worked best in solo queue right now rune wise:

  • Keystone: Electrocute
  • Taste of Blood
  • Eyeball Collection
  • Ultimate Hunter

If you know you’re going to take short burst trades, then Electrocute is the perfect rune for you. She is able to proc electrocute with her abilities to win any trades, especially against immobile melee champs. Taste of Blood is useful to sustain in lane as well and thanks to Ultimate Hunter she will always be ready with her ult thanks to the cooldown reduction.

Your Secondary Tree is Sorcery with these runes:

  • Manaflow Band
  • Transcendence

Vex might have some problems in the early game with mana, which is why we suggest picking up Manaflow Band. Also, to proc electrocute as often as possible, we suggest Transcendence for the extra ability haste.

As for items, you have a choice of either going for Luden’s Tempest or Liandry’s Anguish. If you’re looking to burst down the opposition, then pick up Luden’s, while Liandry’s is good when faced with a lot of tanks. Generally, we choose Luden’s.

Zhonya’s is a must-have item when playing against a team with assassins. This will keep you safe from them and can be the difference between a good and a bad fight. You can choose to go for Horizon Focus second when the enemy team doesn’t have any assassins, though.

Vex Champion Guide: Early Game

Depending on the match up, the laning phase can go two ways. When playing against a long-ranged champion, you’ll probably be pushed in, since Vex won’t be able to compete with their range and her passive won’t be as effective.

When playing against any short-ranged champions, you can easily use your Q to poke them out whenever they walk up to cs. If you know that your jungler is close by, you can also utilize her E to slow opponents and then Q them for the perfect gank combo. Your jungler merely has to clean up in the end.

Your only escape tool is her W, so keep it up in case the enemy jungler tries to counter gank with a dash – which will proc Vex’s passive. You’ll be able to use W to fear them and damage them. If you’ve also got your Q up, then you could even try to get a kill out of the whole ordeal by using your W, then Q + Ignite to burn them down.

If you manage to land your abilities, you should chunk the other mid laner down pretty heavily. This means that they’ll have to recall before you, lose minions, while you continue to gain gold and create a huge advantage for yourself in lane.

Vex Champion Guide: Mid and Late Game

Once you’ve got your Luden’s Tempest and your second item, you’ll be dealing some decent damage, and you can look to jump into fights. When teamfighting with Vex, you should make sure to stay on the outside before jumping in to find the perfect target to R onto.

Vex has insane range with the ultimate, so you can make some insane plays happen even when you’re further away from the fight. When you find your opportunity, you can jump in with her ultimate and right before landing the second R, make sure to use her W to fear nearby enemies and then Q. That’ll be the finishing death blow for anyone.

Oh, and did we mention that her ultimate can reset? Because it can, so you can do it over and over again. Seriously, combining her Q either with W or E is truly satisfying and will chunk down your enemies a decent amount.

Just be careful not to overstep and only go in for fights you know you can win. You’re not a tank, so you will be burst down with ease. But, Vex is going to play a huge part in any fight thanks to her passive. Having the ability to fear multiple champions in quick succession gives her huge play-making potential.

Vex Champion Guide: Good and Bad Matchups

Vex is a breath of fresh air, after the constant barrage of dashes and flashes in League of Legends. She is a direct counter to champions like Yasuo thanks to her anti-dash mechanic. She will make every assassin’s life hell.

Bad matchups for Vex are long-ranged champions like Xerath, who just outrange her. He is able to win in lane against Vex, which will make the rest of a game quite difficult for the mid lane Yordle.

We hope you have a lot of fun with the newest champion in League of Legends and that you managed to learn something from this Vex Champion Build Guide. Let us know how you fare in our Discord!

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