LoL: Will the LCS Format Change?

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What will happen to the LCS in 2021? (Image Credit: Riot Games)

Riot doesn’t seem to only have Summoner’s Rift in their sight with changes, but also the premier of North American League of Legends. According to reports by Travis Gafford, the 2021 LCS season could look a lot different from how fans have known.

In a video, he stated that even though these changes haven’t been confirmed it is highly likely that Riot is going to be taking this route for the LCS format.

In 2020, we saw Cloud 9 win the Spring Split in dominant fashion. They seemed almost unbeatable with their 17-1 record and yet fans did not get to see the blue and white team at the 2020 World Championship in Shanghai. That’s because Spring Split didn’t count and therefore winning Spring Split was completely ineffective.

So What Will Change?

Well, according to sources, Riot is planning on getting rid of the Spring Split completely. You read that right. The LCS might have a single season that plays out through spring and summer instead of splitting their season into two splits like everyone else.

What about MSI? In his video, Travis Gafford explained that the season would have a midway pause where the top 6 teams will compete in a small playoff to see who would compete as the North American representative at the Mid-Season Invitational.

He also explains that there would be more games in this format since teams will be playing one another 5 times rather than 4. In the previous splits, each team played one another twice, making it 4 games per season, but this will change to 5.

Due to more games, there will also be more hours of broadcast. Friday, Saturday and Sunday will have fill days of action for fans to watch League of Legends.

Other changes that might take place is a small tournament à la KeSpa Cup which would take place before the season begins where fans can get a glimpse of teams and players before the actual season starts. Sort of like a pre-season in Hockey or Basketball.

Travis also explained that it won’t just be the LCS which is going to see some changes, but also the Academy system. Riot will make Academy smaller to try and open up the league to compete against other amateur squads in North America. This is done to try and grow the game and have a more solid young-player base.

These changes have not been confirmed by Riot Games yet, meaning they aren’t set into stone. Anything could still happen and fans will have another two months to speculate before the next season begins.

What do you think of the potential changes to the LCS? Will they finally be able to make it out of Groups come 2021? Let us know on Twitter and Facebook. And for more updates on the upcoming LoL Pre-Season keep checking on EarlyGame.