Trying to Guess the LoL Worlds 2020 Champion Skins

Which champions are going to be picked by the Worlds 2020 winners? (Image Credit: Riot Games)

The League of Legends Worlds 2020 are now behind us. Congratulations to DAMWON Gaming, who took the cup to South Korea! Now a new important question arises: which LoL champions will get a new skin?

Following the tradition of the past 10 years and 10 Champions of the Worlds, fans and players are anxious to see which characters will receive new skins. We are somewhat lucky to find out that some names have already been brought up by DAMWON players. Let's see which champions have the best odds of getting a new outfit!

Nuguri: Kennen

Worlds Kennen
Image credit: Riot Games

Although Nuguri has not yet decided 100%, he will most likely choose Kennen as his World 2020 Skins Champion. He has played several matches with this champ during the Worlds and has finished with top scores. We are curious how a new skin for Kennen could look like.

Canyon: Graves

Lo L Graves
Image credit: Riot Games

The Finals MVP himself could not decide between Graves and Nidalee at first, but later made it clear that he would choose Graves. He describes himself as a "Graves one-trick", which could have some truth to it as he played 11 games at Worlds 2020 with this champ! How would Graves look like in the white-turquoise colours of DWG? We hope to find out soon!

ShowMaker: Twisted Fate

Worlds Twisted Fate
Image Credit: Riot Games

For ShowMaker, the decision was probably clear from the very beginning. The young world champion announced straight up that he wanted to give Twisted Fate a new skin. When you look at history, it makes sense. With a 100% win rate and a KDA of 17 with Twisted Fate at Worlds 2020, this must of course be rewarded!

Ghost: Ashe/Jhin/Caitlyn

Arcade Caitlyn
Image Credit: Riot Games

Ghost says he could barely reduce his choice to 3 champions. Any out of Ashe, Caitlyn or Jhin could get a new DAMWON Gaming skin .Jhin already has a Worlds skin so for us personally, we'd prefer one of Ashe or Caitlyn to get the nod from Ghost.

BeryL: Leona/Pantheon

Worlds Leona
Image Credit: Riot Games

BeryL is spoilt for choice and can choose a new skin for Leona or Pantheon. However, he said that he is afraid that Pantheon might not be as strong in the support role next year, so he is leaning more towards Leona. Just like all the rest, we can't wait to see the new design, whichever champion he decides to dress up.

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