Riot's Patch Plan for Worlds 2021

Worlds Patch Draven
Draven at Worlds... Imagine when Tyler1 finds out. | © Riot Games

Riot Games just published their plans for the Worlds Patch 11.19. The meta for the 2021 World Championship should be even more diverse and create an even bigger champion pool.

Jeevun "Jag" Sidhu, Lead Game Designer on the Summoner's Rift team for League, revealed that Patch 11.18 and Patch 11.19 will combine to make the Worlds patch. In theory, this should open up the meta so wide that any champion could be viable in pro play.

  • Before you keep reading, check out the Patch notes for the current LoL Patch 11.17!

Goals for Worlds 2021

Jag stated on Twitter that in previous years, a few mistakes happened when trying to adjust the meta of the World Championships. Some champions were buffed so much that it was difficult to keep them at that level on the live servers, and quickly received nerfs right afterward. These types of situations – in which Riot tried to hard force specific champions into the meta – should be avoided at all costs.

These are some key points Riot wants to keep in mind for the Worlds Patch 11.19:

  1. Focus on professional play, but do not break solo queue.
  2. Do not introduce changes that we feel are highly likely going to be reverted.
  3. Look for opportunities to open up options in the pro meta game.

Riot's Plans for the Worlds 2021 Meta

  • Nerf meta champs that are too dominant, so they do not hurt the diversity of the game. For example, a champion with 80+% pick/ban should be brought down to 40+%.
  • Look at champions, pros have previously picked. Champions with a 5-15+% pick/ban rate should be given bumps to reach around 30+%.
  • Champs that can be pushed into the pro scene thanks to some pro-skewed changes that shouldn't affect solo queue. This could include flex-picks, more wave clear and early game snowball champions.
  • The Patches will be split into 11.18 (A) and 11.19 (B) with the riskier changes being put into 11.18 (A) so that Worlds Patch 11.19 (B) can react to those changes accordingly.
  • Temporarily suspend the desire to balance out buffs right away with nerfs. Due to how speculative a lot of changes are, room for experimentation is needed.
Falker Zed1
Will we get to see Faker's famous Zed at Worlds again? | © Riot Games

Riot Games Created Two Different Category of Targets:

A. Give small buffs to champions that were pro staples in the past.

This method is less risky for Riot, since they've seen the champions in the pro scene before and know what players can do with the champions. One example given is what they are planning to do with Lillia:


  • Base AS and AS ratio: 625. -> 640.
  • Base HP Regeneration: 1.5 -> 1.1
  • Passive Monster Healing: 18-94 -> 24-101

B. Champs that are rarely seen in pro play will get bigger buffs!

This is where Riot wants to bring your main into the forefront and have them be a viable pick in the pro scene. One such change could be coming to Draven as stated by Jag in his tweet.


  • If the damage of "Whirling Death" leaves an enemy's health below Draven's current League of Draven stacks, he executes them.

It is stated though that some of these buffs are pretty risky and will therefore take place in LoL Patch 11.18 first, so that pro players can get acquainted with this new meta. High win rates will then be evened out in Patch 11.19.

More Info on Worlds 2021:

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