2021 LoL Worlds Song: Release Date, Artist & More

The 2021 World Championship is just a few weeks away, and we still haven’t heard anything about the Worlds Song of this year. Riot is finally giving us a few breadcrumbs about the musical act though, and we’ve summarized what we know thus far.
Worlds Song 2021
The song is out! | © Riot Games

Each World Championship has a song that accompanies the action. Last year, it was a collaboration between A Day to Remember frontman Jeremy McKinnon, Kpop star Henry Lau and singer MAX.

This year we're getting a performance by alternative-pop group PVRIS for the song Burn It All Down.

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What is the League of Legends Worlds Song?

As mentioned, a song usually accompanies the World Championship each year. This is a unique musical piece that sets the tone for the World Championship ahead. Sometimes it even predicts the future outcome of the event – I’m looking at you, 2019 Phoenix.

This has become a tradition of sorts. Back in 2014, Imagine Dragons' hit song Warriors was used as the Worlds song. In 2016, Zedd performed Ignite at the World Championship in North America. The tradition has since continued with hit songs like ‘Legends Never Die’ and ‘Rise’.

So, this begs the question, who will be performing in Iceland in 2021? What kind of musical act will come together to hype up millions of fans worldwide for the biggest esports event of the year.

When Will the 2021 Worlds Song be Released?

Riot has been teasing the 2021 Worlds Song over the last few days on their Twitter. If we go by the teaser images, then the song for this year's League of Legends World Championship should be released on September 29.

Where Can You Watch the 2021 Worlds Song Music Video?

The song will most likely be released through the official League of Legends YouTube channel. In the last few years, Riot has always premiered the songs there and fans could wait and watch the Worlds Song during the live premiere.

This year, it will likely follow the same pattern, with the song being revealed via YouTube before becoming available on all streaming sites. So make sure you follow the link below and check back on September 29, a week before the official start of the 2021 World Championship.

Who Sings the 2021 Worlds Song?

Unfortunately, none of our Kpop guesses were right, but we did get an insane performance by PVRIS for the 2021 Worlds Song. The song sets the mood for the upcoming World Championship perfectly, and we thoroughly enjoyed it.

What Cameos Were in the Burn It All Down Music Video?

The four most prominent characters we see throughout the Burn It All Down music video are ShowMaker, Chovy, Rekkles and Jackeylove. Their fights to make it to the top of Worlds are shown throughout the video.

Various champions also make an appearance throughout the video, with ShowMaker turning into Syndra and Rekkles into Jhin. Chovy is represented as Orianna and Jackeylove got his famous Kai'Sa pick as well.

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Many other League of Legends teams can be spotted in the background. Suning facing off against iG, EDG making an appearance, and we could also spot paiN gaming as well.

Of course, it isn't a League of Legends Worlds music video without Faker making a short cameo as well. He can be seen in a giant poster on a building at the beginning of the video.

Did you guys like the 2021 Worlds Song? Where does it rank in your Worlds song ranking?

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