LoL Worlds 2021: Which Teams Will Qualify for Worlds?

Summoners Cup Lo L
Who will raise the Summoner's Cup? | © Riot Games

The playoffs have already started, or are just around the corner for most leagues around the world. The LCS playoffs just kicked off this weekend, and the LEC playoffs are set to start this week as well. So with all this happening, we thought we would make some bold predictions as to who from the big 4 leagues will make it to the 2021 League of Legends World Championship.

As we know the LPL and LCK will be able to field four teams at this year's LoL world championship, thanks to their dominant showing at the 2021 Mid-Season Invitational this past May. So, which four teams will make it and which 3 teams will follow from Europe and North America?

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Cloud9 2021 Spring
Will Cloud9 bounce back from their latest defeat? | © Riot Games

Which Teams Will Qualify for Worlds from the LCS?

Let’s start off with the weakest of the regions. Even though C9 didn’t look their best in their Bo5 against Team Liquid, we predict that Cloud9 will be one of the teams making it to the World's stage thanks to the experience on the roster with players like Perkz and Zven.

Joining them from the LCS, we think that TSM has a great shot. If PowerOfEvil and SwordArt continue to lead the team, they have a chance of making it to worlds – but out of groups is another question.

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Finally, we predict that the last slot for North America will go to Team Liquid. The team has good experience on their roster with Jensen and CoreJJ and Tactical also played extremely well last year at Worlds. Therefore, we believe that CoreJJ will be the key player for the team's success.

Fnatic 2021 LEC Summer Split
Fnatic has looked solid in recent weeks. | © Riot Games

Which Teams Will Qualify for Worlds from the LEC?

The LEC is filled with talent. So many great teams made it to the summer playoffs that it is hard to predict. Though, with the dominant split that Rogue showed, we do think that they’ll be able to keep their composure in these playoffs and qualify for Worlds.

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Fnatic has also looked insanely good these last few weeks. Led by Nisqy, this squad has shown that they can come back and win games. Not to mention, Bwipo is always dangerous and can keep his team calm, which is key in Bo5 situations.

The final LEC team we predict to make it to Worlds is G2. Ever since Caps shaved his head, he’s been a beast. G2 has faltered and will have a difficult time in the playoffs, but we believe that with their experience and their roster, it would be criminal not to see them on the Worlds 2021 stage.

T1 LCK Summer 2021
Ever since the coaching change T1 has been dominating. | © Riot Games

Which Teams Will Qualify for Worlds from the LCK?

The LCK playoffs haven’t started yet, but the teams are already set. Over the last few weeks, we’ve seen a bit of a shift in the standings, but we do think that DAMWON KIA are going to make it to the World’s stage.

Nongshim RedForce have also looked incredible this split. Led by Peanut, this squad will surely make a splash, and we predict them to make it to this year's World Championship – their mid laner Gori wasn’t our player of the month for no reason.

Of course, we also can’t forget T1. The team led by Faker has had their struggles, but since their coaching change, they’ve revved up the engine and set their sights on the 2021 World Championship. Therefore, we believe they will also qualify.

Finally, the last LCK slot will either go to Gen.G or Liiv Sandbox. While Gen.G has the more experienced squad, they’ve struggled in recent times, which could be their downfall, while Sandbox has just gotten better. Nerves will play a huge part, but we believe the young blood will fight through and make it to the 2021 World Championship.

FPX Spring Split 2021
FPX have had an incredible split and are ready to make it to Worlds again. | © Riot Games

Which Teams Will Qualify for Worlds from the LPL?

This is the hardest region to predict. No iG, LGD and JDG in these playoffs. We hope to see some new teams in China. The first team we predict to make it though is the 2019 World Champion FPX. Adding Nuguri to the lineup has only made this team better, as they topped the 2021 Summer standings.

EDG had an amazing spring split and continued with their dominance in the summer. Viper had another stand-out performance, and we believe that this EDG team is a competitive and strong team that can make it to Worlds.

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Top Esports, who dominated last year, are also a dangerous team whom we could see at Worlds once more. It all depends on Karsa and how influential he will be on the lanes. The team has the power to make it to Worlds, and we believe they will be at this year's World Championship once more.

The final LPL slot is difficult to predict. Either it’ll go to RNG – who started off extremely weak after MSI, but managed to find their footing and finish in fourth place – or it’ll go to Rare Atom, who have looked extremely solid with iBoy in the bot lane. Either team can take the final Worlds 2021 spot, but we do believe that Rare Atom might have the edge over RNG.

These are our predictions for the 2021 World Championship. Which teams do you think will make it? Let us know on Twitter!

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