McDonald’s Gets League of Legends Menu!

McDonald's gets League of Legends Collab Burger
LoL x McDonald's is an actual thing, guys. (Credit: McDonald's Korea/Riot Games)

McDonald’s gets an exclusive League of Legends menu that doesn’t just involve burgers, but also collectibles from some of your favorite LoL players! Here’s what you need to know about it!

You’re excited, aren’t you? As were we, when we first heard about the McDonalds x League of Legends collab, but it’s actually a little more than that...


McDonald's gets League of Legends Menu
These LoL x McDonald's Burgers are yours... if you live in Korea. (Credit: McDonald's Korea)

Is there a League of Legends Menu in McDonald’s?

Yes, you can buy this League of Legends menu at McDonald’sthe next time you’re in Korea. Sorry, bud, but the picture above pretty much made that clear, huh?

McDoniald’s teamed up with none other than the LCK to bring Korean fans this very tasty-looking menu. Because, of course, it has to be a limited menu with a very nice-looking burger. No matter, fans are probably more looking forward to the collectibles that they get by buying this McDonald's x LoL menu.

McDonald's gets League of Legends Menu
The collectibles you will get from the LoL x McDonald's collab! (Credit: McDonald's)

No matter who your favorite LCK player is, as long as he’s one of the big players, he’s on these cards. There are 5 cards in total for each LoL position, five players each on the cards, including players like Faker, Effort, or Canna.

We told you. Big players. All part of the McDonald's x LoL collab, and we thank both Riot and McDonald's for that.

If you want to get these collectibles, somebody is probably going to sell them for like 1K eventually (don’t you just love it when they do that) and if you’re hoping to get the McDonald's x LoL collectibles at your local McDonald’s… think again.


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