Misfits Gaming Return to the Top of the LEC

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The long-awaited showdown between Fnatic and G2 Esports is here. © Riot Games

Team Vitality delivered a pair of stunning wins against G2 Esports and MAD Lions in week three of the LEC. Misfits Gaming, Rogue and Fnatic also had a 2-0 weekend and pushed the 0-2 G2 Esports back. Meanwhile, SK Gaming achieved their first victory of the summer, defeating an unconvincing Excel Esports.

After the showdowns in week 2 saw G2 surge to the top of the table, it looked like an easy week for the 2020 champions against Team Vitality and their still-reorienting old rival Fnatic. What could go wrong? Meanwhile, Misfits Gaming would have to show us if they can recapture the magic that saw them be the only undefeated team in week one.

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Vitality's Big Upset

In the opening game, Misfits Gaming had an easy win against Excel Esports. Jungler Iván "Razork" Martín Díaz’s amazing early game set up his team for success. Excel’s best chance came near the fourth drake, but it was not enough.

SK Gaming brought in their new support Philipp Samuel "Lilipp" Englert for their bout with MAD Lions, but his start was inauspicious. MAD kept pressing them all game and playing the map. SK tried to punish them, but the lions kept to their game plan and ended in style.

Rogue opted for a risky, high-damage composition against FC Schalke 04 Esports but it paid off after they won several early skirmishes. Boasting a 5K gold lead just 17 minutes in, Rogue kept a punishing pace, securing a Baron and infernal soul before they ending the game.

The next match saw a very close early game between Fnatic and Astralis. Eventually, Fnatic's habit of aggressively challenging vision let them control the map. They kept chipping at the enemy base and eventually secured the win.

The last game of the day saw G2 Esports struggle with an on-point Team Vitality. The French squad had a solid draft and executed several early ganks. G2's plays kept being stymied and Vitality won convincingly.

Seems like Oskar "Selfmade" Boderek's history of ruining G2's day does not end with him leaving Fnatic.

SK is on the Board

In the first Saturday game, SK Gaming were the more aggressive team against Excel Esports, amassing a growing lead. What started with a kill and a Baron attempt for XL 29 minutes in ended in a near ace for SK, who got their first win of the split. Hopefully it does not go to their head...

Misfits Gaming followed this up with a very clean game against FC Schalke 04 Esports. Razork was once more on point for his team and they dominated the skirmishes despite S04's Fiddle-Nocturne combo that ruined their perfect record last week.

In the next game, Rogue had an advantage over Astralis all game long, but with both teams having poor engage the game dragged on despite Rogue's lead. It took 34 minutes for the spring finalists to get a 4-0 and end the game.

Team Vitality continuedtheir strong performance against MAD Lions, winning multiple early skirmishes. While MAD had their teamfight moments, Vitality caught them off-guard several times and demolished the Lions' backline with Evelynn and Viego. It was a clutch win for the French organization, which ends the week 2-0.

Saturday ended with the much-awaited showdown between G2 Esports and Fnatic. G2 looked strong early on, but Fnatic struck back with a clean ace 16 minutes in. The game stayed close, until several close teamfights were decided by Zdravets "Hylissang" Galabov's Taric ultimates and Adam "Adam" Maanane's rampaging Renekton. It was too much for G2 to deal with and they had to end the week with a second loss.

With the two wins, Misfits return to the top of the table with a 6-1 record, followed by the 5-2 Rogue and Fnatic. The LEC continues next week, with the opening match featuring the week 3 heroes Team Vitality and the struggling Astralis.

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