LoL: More Bad News For T1 Fans Due To Faker's Injury

Just a few weeks ago it was announced that Faker would take a break, but now it seems like the LoL star will be out of the lineup for longer, with no good news in sight for T1 fans.

Faker msi 2023 vs mad
LoL: Faker is dearly missed by players and fans alike. | © Riot Games

Faker is the most well-known League of Legends player. For the last 10-years he's played more games than any other LoL-pro, with consistent LCK finals appearances, MSI and World Championship qualifications as well. Due to this, he's not gotten as much rest as the others and he's been sidelined with an injury since July 5, 2023.

T1 have not been doing too well with the loss of their in-game leader, only managing a single win within the last few matches. After their loss to DRX on July 27, 2023, jungler Moon "Oner"Hyeon-jun and coach Im "Tom" Jae-hyeon gave an update on Faker.

LoL: Quick Faker Return Unlikely

T1 has been struggling without Faker as their main shot-caller. This was mentioned by Oner in the post-game press conference, translated by KORIZON esports, after a 2-1 loss to DRX on July 27, 2023. The jungler stated that at times the team is too hesitant, while other times they lose their cool when they get nervous in the mid or late game.

There are things a player has to do on that champion and things that the player cannot do on that champion. Then, whenw e don't do these things in the early-mid game, we start feeling nervous, thinking to ourselves [that] we simply had to make these plays.
T1 without Faker vs DRX
T1 going up against DRX without Faker. | © Riot Games

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When asked about the state of Faker and his wrist, head coach Tom explained that the mid laner is still getting treated for his wrist. There is no official information available yet about exactly when the veteran will return. He explained that T1 will make an announcement when he is good to play.

He also revealed that Faker has been playing some solo queue matches, but that his wrist still isn't in good condition, going numb when he plays too much. He's even resorted to using his left hand in some in-game situations to ease off his right-wrist.

This doesn't look good for the struggling T1, who will face first-place KT Rolster on Saturday, 29 July 2023.

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