New League of Legends Battle Academia Skins: Release Date & Price!

The League of Legends Battle Academia skins are all fire and now, Wukong, Garen, Yone, Caitlyn and Leona are getting some new ones! Hype! Honestly, we're so ready to overdraft. Release date and price for those sweet Battle Academia skins, right here, right now:

In today's PBE preview we got a little sneak-peek at some new Battle Academia skins.

When Will the New LoL Battle Academia Skins Be Released?

The most important answer, right off the bat (don't ever say we make you wait for the good ish): The skins will be released with Patch 11.6 on March 17, after the PBE servers had their fun with them. We don't mind. We'll take those sloppy seconds. Have you seen what they look like!? Come on:

Battle Academia Caitlyn
I wish my teachers looked like that... (Credit: Riot)

Which Champions Will Get a Battle Academia Skin?

  • Garen
  • Wukong
  • Yone
  • Caitlyn
  • Leona (Prestige)

They're joining Ezreal, Graves, Yuumi, Jayce, Katarina and Lux, who already have Battle Academia skins.

Battle Academia Leona
The Battle Academia skins are totally irresponsible. This will inspire kids to bring swords to school. Cancel, please. (Credit: Riot)

How Much Will the New Battle Academia Skins Cost?

They will probably set you back about 1820 RP. This is not confirmed, but it's consistent with what we know about the usual pricing of these skins. If that's too expensive for you, scroll up again, look at those pictures, wet that appetite and then fork over that cash.

You know you need those skins.


Battle Academia Garen
Little known fact: This version of Garen goes on to join the Backstreet Boys. (Credit: Riot)

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