New LoL Champion Akshan Revealed!

Riot Games has brought out two champions in 2021 already, an AP top lane champion with Gwen and a jungle skirmisher with Viego, the Ruined King. Now the story of the Ruination moved on with the reveal of the third LoL champion of 2021. Akshan!

With the upcoming Sentinels event, Riot has taken players on a wild goose chase, fans having to figure out various puzzles. The reward? The revelation of the upcoming champion – Akshan, as well as some potential new skins.

Who is The Newest LoL Champion?

At first, the next champion was going to be a mid lane mage, but due to some development issues, she has been pushed back. Instead, we’re getting a mid lane marksman by the name of Akshan.

  • Akshan is going to put a unique spin on the mid lane. You'll most likely face champions like Yone and Ahri so get practicing!

Akshan is designed with the intent to roam the map and pressure through mid, but with a wider range and a grappling hook. Doesn’t this sound like a long-ranged Camille? Let’s hope he won’t be too broken upon release – please no Samira 2.0!

What do we Know About The New LoL Champion Akshan?

According to the 2021 April Champion Roadmap, Akshan seems to have been a street rat before joining the Sentinels of Light. He was designed primarily for the mid lane as a ranged champion with some form of a hook.

Since Akshan’s hook is a grappling hook, we do believe he will use it to move around the map quicker, helping him with his roams instead of with pulling in opposing players like a Thresh Hook or a Nautilus hook.

Unfortunately, we do not have any footage of his gameplay just yet, so we can only speculate on Akshan’s abilities. Since he will be a ranged champion, he might have guns similar to those of Lucian, though.

Overall, Akshan looks like he is going to fit into the meta with unique and interesting background lore as well as abilities, which should be fun for players who enjoy playing mid lane assassins.

When Will Akshan be Released?

Akshan will be released during the Sentinels event which is going to start in LoL Patch 11.14 most likely. This means he will be going live on the PBE server on June 23rd, so players can test out this new mid lane marksman.

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