New LoL Champion Gwen Revealed!

Gwen new LoL Champ
We were all duped... it ain't Isolde (Credit: Riot Games)

At the beginning of the year, Riot had announced that they would be bringing out 6 new champions throughout 2021. The first champion was a new Jungler, but not a new character to League of Legends Lore, with Viego the Ruined King.

In the same video, Riot staff managed to sow in multiple little hints pertaining to the next champion that would be released after Viego, an AP Top Laner, and well today we’ve got some confirmation on who this seamstress could be!

Who is the newest LoL Champion?

So for the longest time, everyone thought it would be Isolde, the wife of the ruined king. Why? She was a seamstress and the hints given pointed every which way it would be her, but jokes on us and the rest of the community, because it ain’t Isolde we’re getting.

Instead, the new champion will be Gwen, the doll which Isolde had made, and a small fragment of Isolde’s soul is trapped inside of the doll. So instead of the ruined king’s wife, we will be getting a doll come to life. Chucky 2021, anyone?

What do we know about the new LoL Champion?

She is going to be a squishy AP Top Laner as previously mentioned by developers. By watching the video it seems that she is going to have a large scissor-like sword as well, fitting with the seamstress and doll theme.

In the champion trailer, we get to see her scissors in action as she snips up her enemies. She also seems to have a dash in her kit with which she can evade cc abilities such as Maokai’s ultimate as well as Hecarims dash.

She is able to stay safe even against ranged carries thanks to her unique skills and the hallowed mist which protects her at all times since she won't be a tank top laner who is able to withstand constant damage and ganks.

She sounds pretty epic, right? She hasn’t even been released, but I’m ready to become a Gwen main.

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