Naafiri: When Does The New LoL Champion Release?

LoL Patch 13.14 has just arrived, and it will introduce Naafiri as new LoL champion. Here's the release date and the exact start time when Naafiri will become available to play.

Naafiri Trailer Header
League of Legends: Naafiri is going to release shortly. | © Riot Games

Naafiri, the Hound of a Hundred Bites, is a simple champion that will let players enjoy an assassin without having to know every timer and flash-combo to be able to take down enemies.

After months of waiting, Naafiri is just about to be released. What does this mean for us? It means that we're going to be able to play this mid lane assassin after a long time of waiting and being patient.

Riot have already revealed her gameplay and her abilities, as well as released a trailer showing us just how epic this new champion looks. She is going to be a mid lane assassin that even hardstuck Silver players can enjoy. So when will you be able to ruin your ranked games by first-timing Naafiri?

New LoL Champion Naafiri: Release Date And Time

Naafiri splash header
New League of Legends champion Naafiri: Look at this beautiful beast. | © Riot Games

Naafiri will hit the live servers in LoL Patch 13.14, which was just released on July 19, 2023. If you've already logged in since the patch is live, you will probably have noticed that Naafiri isn't available yet, though.

Luckily, you won't have to wait that long for that to change. According to Riot, Naafiri will become available at around 4:00 pm EDT / 8:00 pm UTC, along with the big summer event.

Naafiri could be a great new champion and another pick we see a lot of in the pro-scene. Time will tell.

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