New LoL Champion Norra: Everything We Know

Norra New Champion in LoL
Could Norra be one of the two upcoming Champions? | © Riot Games

In 2021, we have gotten two new champions thus far, Viego and Gwen. Four more should follow according to the Champion Roadmap Riot had revealed earlier on in the year. One champion coming is going to be a Sentinel of Light, while the other is a gloomy Yordle.

Today, we will take a deep dive into this potential new artillery mage from Bandle City and how they fit into the Ruination event which is set to take place in LoL Patch 11.14. Also, is it likely that this champion really is Norra?

Who is Norra in League of Legends?

Norra is the previous owner of Yuumi and a Yordle mage from Bandle City. She is described as a Yordle who enjoys traveling and exploring both the physical and spiritual realm. According to Yuumi’s lore, Norra disappeared, leaving Yuumi behind.

  • This champion is going to call the mid lane their home just like Ahri, Yone and Annie.

Yuumi’s whole lore and story revolve around finding Norra her owner, so introducing her as a champion would make sense and fulfill Yuumi’s lore.

What Hints at Norra Being the New Yordle Champion?

Yordle Portal to Shadow Isles
A portal to the Shadow Isles... mysterious. | © Riot Games

Thus far, the champions released in 2021 are all related to the Ruination and Viego in some form. Gwen has part of Isolde’s soul within her and the next champion to be released is a Sentinel of Light, someone who fights the Ruination and the dark mist of the Shadow Isles.

So, how does Norra – or the potential new mage champion – fit into all of this? Well, Yuumi – Norra’s cat – floats on a book known as the Book of Thresholds. This book is used to create portals from one place to another. Though, through Yuumi’s lore, we know that there is a chapter missing after Norra disappeared.

We also know that there is an item called ‘the Lost Chapter’ and on it, there is the symbol of the Shadow Isles. This could mean that Norra took out those exact pages and made a portal to the Shadow Isles – where Viego is from and where The Ruined King: A League of Legends Story takes place.

What Could Norra’s Design Look Like?

Some images have leaked of what the new Yordle champion could potentially look like. She looks to have a big hood on her head and is dressed in all black, fitting her gloomy image.

One leaked picture depicts a shadow that also resembles a big cat, which could be another hint that the upcoming mage Yordle champion is Norra, due to her close relationship with Yuumi. So far we have no confirmed looks yet, but a lot of fanart is available on Twitter and Reddit.

What Abilities Could Norra have?

Some fans speculate that Norra could have some form of a portal ability. This is due to her being able to portal from place to place thanks to the Book of Thresholds. What speaks against this theory though is that currently, Yuumi is in possession of the book.

Riot has also stated that they’ve moved her from being an artillery mage to a more traditional mage, hence, why her release has been pushed back. She could resemble Syndra or Orianna. What we do know for sure is that she won’t have any dashes in her kit.

When Will Norra be Released?

With LoL Patch 11.14 beginning the Ruination event, we might see champion releases around that time. We do know that the new Sentinel of Light Champion is set to be released before the gloomy mage.

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According to one Reddit user, the new Sentinel of Light should hit PBE in the coming days and should be released with LoL Patch 11.14 – when the Ruination event begins. This could mirror the way the Spirit Blossom event happened last year, with Lillia being released early and Yone coming out later on in the event.

There is no set date yet for her release, so payers will have to be patient to find out more about this gloomy Yordle who is potentially Norra.

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