LoL Patch 13.16: Major QoL Changes Being Added To Surrender Feature

In LoL Patch 13.16 Riot is going to be making some key changes to the surrender tool. Here's what you need to know.

Jax Surrender vote
LoL Patch 13.16: The surrender vote is getting some updates this patch. | © Riot Games

LoL Patch 13.16 is going to be released soon and while Riot has already outlined major changes to some of the most annoying items in the game, as well as given us a huge list of LoL Arena buffs and nerfs, there are a few other changes that will hit the rift soon.

The surrender vote is going to be getting some adjustments in the upcoming League of Legends patch, which will hopefully be actual improvements for the game.

LoL Patch 13.16: Surrender Vote Will Finally Receive Updates

The surrender vote is finally going to be getting some updates in LoL Patch 13.16, with Riot tackling toxicity in League of Legends little by little. While most might not think that surrendering is toxic, the way some players consistently spam the FF vote in a game is anything but wholesome.

Therefore, Riot is going to be making some key changes to the surrender vote. Riot Chris "RiotAuberaun" Roberts, Product Lead on the League of Legends Summoner's Rift team revealed on Twitter – or as it's now called X – what changes will be hitting the rift in LoL Patch 13.16.

  • The name of the player that started the surrender vote is no longer revealed
  • After starting a surrender vote, the player that started the surrender vote will not be able to begin another vote for 6 minutes. Note, the team cooldown on calling for a surrender vote remains unchanged at 3 minutes and takes priority over individual cooldowns.
  • The surrender vote will automatically resolve when a vote can no longer pass and will no longer remain open waiting for players to vote.
  • The surrender box text has been updated to reflect the type of surrender vote being called: Surrender, AFK Surrender, or Remake.

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He explained that the intention behind these changes is to "make surrendering more to a team action rather than 1 person spamming FF every 3 minutes".

While the changes have been pretty well received, some players do worry that they will be "held hostage" in upcoming games by players who don't want to FF. Hopefully these changes go over well with the community and make the games a little bit better.

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