LoL Player Of The Month: EDG Viper

EDG viper
The Spring Split 2021 was EDG Viper's first in the LPL and holy cow did he impress! (Credit: Clutchgaming)

Playoffs are over and we can all take a breather after an exciting 2021 Spring Split across all regions. Now we have MSI 2021 to look forward to in the coming weeks with professional League of Legends reaching heights like never before.

So to celebrate the talent across all leagues we've decided to honor the stand-out performances each month with a Player of the Month segment. So who did we pick for April – obviously you know from the title but throw us a bone here – none other than monster LPL Rookie: EDG Viper!

Who is EDG Viper?

Park "Viper" Do-Hyeon is the 20-year-old ADC of EDward Gaming in the chinese League of Legends League, the LPL. He made his debut all the way back in 2017 in the LCK for Team Griffin and later played on Hanwha Life Esports.

Early 2021, Viper switched to the LPL, joining one of the most recognizable esports organizations worldwide – EDG. Some players might need time to adjust to the culture and language of a new country, but Viper managed to dive right into the wild LPL action and dominate the bot lane.

General Stats:

April was the playoff month in the professional League of Legends. Of course the LPL also had their regional playoff gauntlet and boy did EDG Viper come to play.

  • Game Balance: 183W- 139L
  • Win Rate: 56,8 %
  • KDA: 5.6
  • CS per Minute: 10.2
  • Kill Participation: 66,8 %

Most played Champions:

  • Kaisa (30-19), KDA: 6.6
  • Lucian (14-5), KDA: 12.2
  • Aphelios (7-8), KDA: 3.3
EDG viper
Getting the best Rookie award might seem a bit weird... since Viper has been to the World Championship before(Credit:

Spring Split and Playoff-Performance

EDward Gaming might not have been able to secure their spot at this years' MSI, falling just short in the semi-finals against RNG, but Viper sure knew how to start a fire during the League of Legends Playoffs of the Chinese League.

His controlled and safe playstyle as well as his thirst for blood meant he got not one... not two... but three awards at the end of the LPL Spring Season:

  • LPL Spring Split 2021 MVP
  • LPL Rookie Of The Season
  • Regular Season All-Pro Team ADC

Why The Player Of The Month Award?

Viper has consistently been the backbone of EDG throughout the Spring Split. Even when the team was behind, he managed to continue to play his controlled style. He wasn't greedy and followed the team calls, leading EDG to a second-place finish during the season.

So, with a second-place and third-place finish in his debut LPL Split, Viper really had a solid start to his LPL career. His stats this month and outstanding plays during the playoffs have earned him EarlyGame's LoL Player of the Month.

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