LoL: Player Shows Off Unfortunate Briar Death At The Hands Of Samira

Briar is the newest champion to be added to League of Legends but it seems like her non-existant base health regen could be an issue... if she can get killed by another champion's taunt.

Samira and briar coin kill
LoL Briar: One coin can kill her. | © Riot Games

The League of Legends devs sometimes add fun and unique interactions to the game. Briar, who is from Noxus and a product of some sketchy experiments from the Black Rose, has pretty funny ones with multiple Noxian champions like Sion and Samira.

Well, Samira has a pretty interesting taunt in the game and this taunt can also be quite deadly... literally and it's especially deadly for a champion like Briar who has no innate health regen. So, what exactly have League players done that is so dangerous for the newest LoL champion?

LoL Player Shows Off Insane 1-vs-1 Duel Between Samira And Briar

Of course, with a new champion on the PBE, players are going to be trying some fun mechanics to see just how far they can take the champion. Briar, is interesting because she has 0 health regen in her kit, which is why League of Legends content creator Vandiril took to PBE to test out something very important.

He let Briar get extremely low, reaching 2 HP before flashing away from the minions. Then with 2 HP left he entered the duel with Samira, facing her head on.

Now, what many might not know is that Samira has a special taunt which gives her money, as well as deals 1 HP damage. Samira will flip her coin, then throw it at her opponent. One hit will give her 1 Gold and deal 1 damage.

Well, with Briar having no health regen, she can easily stand there and take the hits only to die. RIP.

With just 2 HP left, it took Samira 2 taunts to kill Briar. While this clearly isn't a very efficient way of killing someone, it sure is stylish. So, will we see some Briar deaths in this fashion in our solo queue games soon?

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