PROJECT: Bastion Release Date, Rewards & More

Varus is getting a new Skin very soon! (Credit: Riot Games)

Riot Games recently announced the new skins that are coming to League of Legends. Another 6 skins will be added to the PROJECT skin line in LoL Patch 11.11, but fans should get excited about more than just the new champion skins, but also about everything else that is surrounding the skins.

In LoL Patch 11.11, get ready for the upcoming PROJECT: Bastion event that will be taking over your League of Legends clients for the next couple of weeks. Special events and game modes will be made available for players, and we have all info for you right here.

When will PROJECT: Bastion start?

PROJECT: Bastion is going to start on May 26, along with LoL Patch 11.11. It's going to last a few weeks, and thus be around for Patch 11.12 and Patch 11.13 as well. In this timespan, a total of 7 new PROJECT skins will be released!

Which PROJECT Skins will be Released for PROJECT: Bastion?

  • Mordekaiser
  • Renekton
  • Sejuani
  • Senna
  • Varus
  • Sylas

As mentioned there are going to be 7 skins made available, meaning that 6 champions will be getting skins. Sylas will also be getting a prestige skin, and thus there will be seven available skins in total. So get ready and save up those prestige points so you can get yourself that shiny Sylas.

PROJECT: Sylas Prestige
Prestige Sylas is looking shiny as hell. (Credit: Riot Games)

What is the PROJECT: Bastion Event Pass?

The PROJECT: Bastion event pass gives players event tokens to unlock specific icons, emotes, and if they have enough, the prestige skin. You’ll have to save up a total of 2,000 PROJECT: Bastion event tokens to be able to get your hands on the prestige Sylas edition. Tokens saved are available until two weeks after the event ends.

Overall, the event is going to tie into the popular PROJECT universe in a whole new manner. Existing factions in the PROJECT universe must band together against a new threat. At least that’s what Riot says!

During the event, Riot also stated that they will be releasing a new prestige skin for an already existing champion in the PROJECT skin line. This skin will only be made available in LoL Patch 11.13, though, so we have to be a bit more patient.

What else is coming with PROJECT: Bastion and LoL Patch 11.11?

Aside from skins, loot and a whole new event, we will also be blessed with another round of Nexus Blitz! One of the most popular game modes in League of Legends is back with exciting chaotic gameplay for everyone to enjoy.


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