Project L Gets New Trailer... And It Looks Awesome

Project L is Riot Games' upcoming fighting game. If you're a fan of League of Legends, you knew that already. If you're a fan of fighting games... you knew that as well. What you might not have known is the latest developments around Project L. We'll catch you up.

Project l new
Project L is looking awesome! | © Riot Games

Update, November 21, 2021

With Arcane Season 1 ending, Riot decided to surprise us with some Project L news. We get a first glimpse at where Riot Games is at right now, and honestly? It looks fantastic. Have a look:

First things first: Project L is still alive! More than that, Project L has commenced player testing. This is huge, and we're gonna give you a moment to catch your breath, enjoy a gif and then move on:

Project L Is Looking For Playtesters

We know this thanks to The Skilled Roy - a Runeterra player that got his hands on an email asking for playtesters in Los Angeles. Why Los Angeles? Because the development of Project L is based in LA. So if you're in LA or the LA area and in any way connected to fighting games... check your email.

Project L Might Be Revealed Soon

Why do we think that? Well, for one, the timing of these emails looking for playtesters makes too much sense: Evo 2021 is not far away. Where, if not at Evo, does Riot want to reveal the first real gameplay of their fighting IP? The developers of Project L are the founders of Evo after all! You see how these pieces are falling into place, right? Evo 2021 takes place in August 2021, and we expect Project L to be revealed then. More than that, we believe Project L will receive an official release date during Evo 2021.

Another reason we firmly believe this to be a good sign for Project L being close to beta is this: Valorant and Runeterra both sent out playtest invites and went into a closed beta just a couple months after.

It's all written in the stars, folks, trust us. Project L is coming, and we can't wait for the first playtest leaks.