Worlds Without G2! Is Rekkles Retiring?

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Worlds have been like a curse floating over Rekkles head his entire career. First, he stayed true to Fnatic even when they were struggling – especially against G2. Then he changes teams to join his long-time nemesis G2, only to have his dreams of Worlds destroyed by none other than his old team. Is this the end for Rekkles' esports career?

Martin Larsson aka "Rekkles" is already 24. For an esports athlete, this is already pretty old, and many pro players have to decide whether to keep going or to hang up the mouse and keyboard at that point. Rekkles wanted to fight one last time for a World's title, this time, alongside Europe's strongest team G2. Those hopes were crushed last night as they lost 3-2 to Fnatic. Does this mean it's the end for Rekkles?

More News to the 2021 World Championship:

Worlds 2021 without G2 ESports!

The longstanding kings of Europe, G2 Esports, won't be competing at the 2021 World Championship. For the organization with star players like Rekkles and Caps, this is a tremendous failure. Semi-finals in 2018, finals in 2019 and semi-finals in 2020 – G2 has been a top 4 team the last three years. This year, they wanted to improve on their record and picked up Rekkles to add to the longstanding roster of Wunder, Jankos, Caps and Mikyx.

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The fact that G2 didn't even manage to qualify for Worlds is a disaster. Rekkles joined the squad for this sole reason. He wanted to play alongside Caps – with whom he made it to the 2018 Worlds finals – and bring home the Summoner's Cup to Europe.

Rekkles Wanted the Worlds Trophy

Rekkles and Fnatic haven't made it past the quarter-finals the past two years, and that even though Rekkles was in his early 20s and his prime. After 2018, Caps turned his back on Fnatic and joined G2 Esports and clearly, had the better outlook on winning a Worlds Championship with better results internationally and domestically.

So, fast-forward to the end of 2020 and Rekkles makes the shocking decision to switch sides as well. Perkz left for C9 in America to play his preferred position once more, leaving the ADC spot open for G2. Rekkles took his opportunity, creating a G2 superteam with Caps. Together, they wanted to bring the Summoner's Cup home.

Now, Fnatic ruined Rekkles' dreams and the player is facing a tough decision.

Will Rekkles Retire?

Over the years, Rekkles' playstyle grew more and more passive. He doesn't take risks anymore and plays safe in lane. Throughout the season, we saw him depend on Caps to carry more often than not. But does this mean he will give up? No. That isn't in Rekkles' nature. He's probably crushed to see his ex-team make their way to China, while he sits at home and watches, but he won't give up that easily.

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His contract runs till 2023 and those of his teammate until the end of 2022. So, we do believe that we will see another attempt by G2 next year. Though, from the series against Fnatic, it was clear that Wunder isn't as dominant as he once was and Caps couldn't carry the team on his back like in past games and series. So, maybe we have to accept the fact that the G2 era might be coming to an end.

The current kings of Europe seem to be the MAD Lions. They carry the hopes of Europe on their shoulders to bring home the Summoner's Cup. Do you guys think that G2 can make a comeback next year? Let us know on Discord, Facebook and Twitter!

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