Riot Confirms 2020 All-Star Event

Poppy Xmas
Image credit: Riot Games

After the drama of Worlds, League fans may crave a break and something less… stressful. Just before the Christmas holidays, the All-Star Event will bring the best players in the world to have some fun.

It has been less than a week after the grand final of the 2020 Worlds tournament that saw South Korea regain its crown as the strongest region.We are just catching our breath - and here comes Riot with news about yet another event. It might not feel like it, but ‘tis soon the season to be jolly - and the oddball tournament of the year, the All-Star Event, is soon going to be upon us.

The League of Legends developer confirmed the 2020 All-Star Event for the last weekend before the Christmas holidays, December 18-20th. Due to the pandemic, All-Stars will be held online like the Mid-Season Cup in May. This will also see the event split in separate schedules, one for the Asia and Oceania region and one for Europe and North America.

New Year, New Format

This is not the only change in the format, however. This year, the All-Star Event will featurе two new modes. The first, called Underdog Uprising, will see the pro team from every major region fend off a challenge from the joint team of two minor regions:

  • LCK will be taking on Southeast Asia’s PCS and Oceania
  • LPL will square off against Vietnam’s VCS and Japan’s LJL
  • LEC will fight against the CIS region’s LCL and Turkey’s TCL
  • LCS will defend NA’s honor against Latin America’s LLA and Brazil’s CBLOL

Superstar Showdown, meanwhile, will follow a more typical format, where each major region will field three “superteams” - one from active pros, one from famous former players and one from top influencers. The regions will face off in Rift Rivals style, with the LCK playing against the LP and the LEC taking on the LCS. Riot promises to have extra surprises - and let slip that there may be some cross-region picks to spice things up. There will also be a Red Bull tournament event, more details about which will become available later.

Schedule 3
The schedule for the event is already out. Image credit: Riot Games

The All-Star Event will also feature a charity drive, backed up by a new Elderwood Ornn skin the profits from which will go to The Riot Games Social Impact Fund. Ornn already towered in the top lane during Worlds - let’s hope the new skin does not come with (too many) new buffs!

Voting is Soon Up!

As usual, the pros nominated to attend the All-Star event will be nominated by the gans. Voting will take place next week, from November 9 to November 16. Fans will be able to vote for one pro player in each role - both from their own league and any others they may be interested in.


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