LoL: Riot Finally Takes On Major FPS Drops

Riot is asking the community for help to tackle a known FPS drop issue. Are you someone affected and can you help Riot find a solution to this annoying problem?

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What is Riot doing to combat the FPS drop issue? | © Riot Games

League of Legends is not a perfect game. We have seen this on the biggest stage already with Orianna getting disabled for a few days, Gnar's boomerang flying in the wrong direction and TES losing out due to a small bug with an item.

But these problems also affect our solo queue games. This time around it isn't a bug with a champion or an item, but instead something much more annoying which can make playing LoL unbearable. Some players have experienced abnormal FPS drops in their TFT and LoL games. Now Riot is asking the community for help to find out why.

LoL: Riot Asking For Help To Figure Out FPS Issues

Several players have experience infuriating problems with League of Legends lately, due to a sudden drop in frames per second (FPS). These issues suddenly occur at the five to ten minute mark and then stay low for another couple of minutes. In a game of LoL that can basically mean game though.

If this happens regularly, then this is even more infuriating. Sure, sometimes a faulty internet connection, outdated computer or too many other programs running in the background can cause FPS drops, but when you've checked all of that, and it still happens, then it's just frustrating and maddening.

Riot has finally spoken out and on Reddit, Riot Tony addressed the issue, stating that the League of Legends team was aware of the frame rate drops and that they want to help players solve it. Unfortunately, they cannot "reproduce this issue internally". Therefore, they're asking for some data from the community.

Hopefully you don't get any FPS drops when K'Sante is finally out. You need every frame to time that ultimate of his:

Information Riot Is Asking for From Players Regarding FPS Drops

Riot needs some specific information so they can figure out why some players are experiencing these annoying drops in the game. If you've encountered the issue then they're asking you to send in:

  • CPU
  • GPU
  • GPU driver version:
  • Reproduction rate: (e.g., every game or once every ten games)

You should also send in a .rpd file if they've just played a game where they experienced this odd bug. If you don't know where to find the .rpd file, then just go into your League of Legends folder and look for League of Legends/Logs/Performance Logs. This is where information about the last game per frame is stored.

You can also send in a bit more information, if the issue happened to you, but it is not required.

  • What overlays are you running (Blitz etc.)?
  • Did running the game in DX9 mode help? (You can do this via settings/Game/Prefer DX9 Legacy Mode)
  • Did running with SMT/Hyperthreading turned off help? Y/N

Hopefully these FPS issues will get solved quickly, since playing with a low frame rate can be even worse than playing with high ping at times... now imagine low frame rate and high ping all at once... the pure horror. Well, if you are experiencing these issues, then just try playing Yuumi since she doesn't require much visual insight, am I right?