Riot Games Are Working on a LoL Cinematic Universe

League of Legends Cinematic Universe
We expect the LoL cinematic universe to be nothing short of epic. (Credit: Pandahero)

According to new job listings at Riot Games, the company plans to expand League of Legends onto the silver screen with a cinematic universe. Here's all we know so far.

When it comes to marketing between the two biggest MOBA titles, Riot Games are winning big. League of Legends is the game everyone knows and plays while Dota 2 was just left in the dark for years. Last month, Netflix released the Dota 2 animated series called DOTA: Dragon's Blood and Riot aren't too far behind. They've long been working on a LoL TV-Show, and now they're planning a League of Legends cinematic universe.

Riot Games were previously mocked by fans that it should be "Riot Game" because they technically had only one title - League of Legends. That changed in 2020 when the studio released Valorant, a tactical shooter that's set to take the world's competitive scene. Teamfight Tactics was just a clone of Auto Chess, but it also brought a lot of success with it. Riot also announced a fighting game, tabletop game, MMORPG, single-player adventure (Ruined King), and now they're even branching out to movies.

Arcane Riot Games League of Legends
Arcane should be coming out in 2021! (Credt: Riot Games)

What We Know About the LoL Cinematic Universe

Honestly, not all that much.

Job listings at Riot Games raised a lot of questions and gave everyone a hint of what Riot are planning next. Part of the description states:

You will work with a broad group of partners including Riot's franchise development, game development teams, esports, and creative leaders within and outside of Entertainment to grow Riot's IP for television.
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It's unclear what plans Riot has for the League of Legends cinematic universe. What is obvious is that this will be something beyond the planned Arcane TV series. How do we know this? Well... TV is not cinema, and it's most definitely called LoL Cinematic Universe for a reason. Will the Arcane show tie into the cinematic universe? It's definitely a possibility, but we can't be sure and don't have answers at this point. If you're not familiar with the League of Legends Arcane series, here you go:

Arcane will reveal more backstory for some of the most popular champions in League of Legends, focusing mainly on the cities of Piltover and Zaun. With so much lore in LoL, the opportunities for the announced cinematic universe are pretty much endless. Will League of Legends turn into the next Marvel/DC? We hope it's the former, and we'll definitely find out as the years roll by.


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