Riot Donating to Ukraine Related Humanitarian Funds

With the situation in Ukraine worsening day-by-day Riot has released a statement on how they will be aiding those affected by the ongoing war.
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With the war in Ukraine fully taking charge, more and more corporations are stepping in to try and find ways to help. Companies are donating millions of dollars to help those in need and fleeing their war-torn country, while others are even letting those who have nowhere to go shelter in their homes.

More and more aid and relief is flooding to Ukraine as it looks like this war is not going to end anytime soon. Riot is also stepping in to do their part, during this humanitarian crisis.

Riot Donates Funds

Riot has pledged to donate $1 million across three humanitarian organizations.

Not only are they donating money, as a League of Legends player, or anyone who plays a game made by Riot, can help donate just by buying their products. Throughout March 5 to 12, 2022 all proceeds of the below named products will be donated to support humanitarian relief efforts in the war torn region.

  • VALORANT Battle Pass
  • Legends of Runeterra Battle Pass
  • Teamfight Tactics Battle Pass
  • Wild Rift Battle Pass
  • League of Legends new Bee Skins

So, even if you dislike the bee skins, spend some RP to help in any way that you can. Russia invading Ukraine is causing a humanitarian crisis and millions of people have been ripped away from their homes, their culture and their loved ones.

Esports Organizations Helping

Not only is Riot doing something, multiple esports orgs have also set out to help wherever they can Team Liquid has opened up their esports team’s apartments in the Netherlands to friends and colleagues who have been affected by the war in Ukraine.

Ukraine based esports or Natus Vincere is constantly spreading information on the situation within Ukraine, as well as asking for donations to help those fighting within Ukraine against the invading Russian army.

The esports and gaming community has come together in this time to try and help those affected by the war in Ukraine. Donations of any kind are appreciated and can help those who have lost everything.