Riot Confirms: New Items Hullbreaker, Anathema's Chains & More

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Riot still wants to bring out 2 new items before the end of Season 11.

Two new LoL items are coming to a shop near you! Some changes coming to Summoner's Rift which have been hinted at before, are coming into fruition it seems. Two new items were just announced as well as some new champion lore.

At every end of the season, I seem to get tilted due to the constant changes to items and the item shop. Well, this time, it'll be different since new items are coming to Summoner's Rift during the season! And all this when I don't even know all the mythic item passives yet. Thankfully, I am up-to-date with all the item guides. Cheers, EarlyGame.

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On What new LoL Items is Riot Working?

In a blog article, Riot answered a few questions regarding these new items. At least until the beginning of the next pre-season, Riot will bring out two whole new items as well as the groundwork for a rework.

The first of the new items should be a legendary tank item similar to Knight's Vow and Zeke's Convergence. In a tweet, Riot has revealed this item to be Anathema's Chains, which will make any top lane tank match-up an honorable one.

What is Anathema's Chains?

Anathema's Chains is the new tank item introduced to League of Legends. Not only do you gain a whopping 650 HP, but you also gain 20 Ability Haste when building this item. But that isn't everything. The passive ability of this item is what truly makes it shine.

Similar to Knight's Vow or Zeke's Convergence, you'll bind yourself to another champion, only this time, to an opponent. This opponent becomes your 'nemesis' and over the next 60 seconds, you build a 'vendetta' against them, taking 30% less damage and building vendetta stacks. Once you've fully stacked your vendetta, opponents will have 20% reduced tenacity near you thanks to Anathema's Chains.

Sounds pretty busted, right? Well, Anathema's Chains is supposedly a new support item. It'll cost a mere 2,500 Gold – at least it does at the moment on PBE servers – which means it'll be a must-buy item for any tank champions out there. But right now Anathema's Chains is just being tested out on PBE servers until it is fully ready for the general public to use.

What is Elderplate?

Another tank item is in the works by the name of Elderplate. This item will be giving champions 400 Health, 50 Magic Resist and 10 Ability Haste. This item is still being tested right now, hence why we aren't sure of the passive or active abilities it will have.

What we do know though, is that Elderplate might be a bit expensive at 2,900 Gold, so it better have a great active, since the stats aren't really worth all that money – especially when you look at what you gain for 2,500 for Anathema's Chains.

Elderplate is built out of Kindlegem, Ruby Crystal and Negatron Cloak, but other than that we have no information on this item. With time Riot will surely reveal more.

What is Hullbreaker?

Hullbreaker is a whole new LoL item for split pushers. Sanguine Blade is going to be turned into a completely new LoL item. So basically getting a new glow up like our good friend Dr. Mundo.

Hullbreaker is going to improve your split push by a mile since the item will basically give you a mini baron buff. If there aren't any champions near you, you'll gain added damage to towers as well as armor and magic resist. Unfortunately, this Sanguine Blade replacement will lose its lethality.

Hullbreaker has other little extras though! Pirate hats! Yes, you read that right. Cannon minions will be sporting little pirate hats and gain a 200% damage increase against towers – basically, Riot got rid of Banner of Command just to bring it back with pirate hats.

Hullbreaker is going to be made available in LoL Patch 11.13, meaning Camille, Fiora and other split pushers are going to be extremely annoying to play against! Back in March, Riot had posted about how they were looking to change the split push. So well done boys, you've done it!

The third new LoL item in the bundle is also going to be a legendary item. This item will be for enchanter supports. Come on, it's not like Moonstone Renewer and Staff of Flowing Water have gotten one thousand revisions already. But we can rest easy, this item is only supposed to go live in the pre-season before LoL season 12. So we still have about... 5 months until then.

What did Riot Announce for new LGBTQIA+ Champions?

One of the community questions asked whether Riot had plans to include more LGBTQIA+ champions into League of Legends. Riot confirmed that they were working on further including the community into the game through LGBTQIA+ stories, champions and champion lore. The developers even gave hints that Diana and Leona's champion lore will be changed quite soon with a new story "Festival of The Nightless Eve".

Riot also stated that they won't create relationships between every LGBTQIA+ champion in League of Legends, but new and upcoming champions might include inspiration from the community in some ways and that players can also conclude some of their own LGBTQIA+ through champion interactions and voice lines – like come on, we all know Neeko prefers women just from her voice lines.

Which New Skins Will Come to League of Legends?

We got two champions who aren't humans but were transformed into them with the new Arcana Xerath Skin as well as the PROJECT: Renekton Skin. In the future, Riot has plans to create skins in which non-human champions might look a little more human. This can be a bit tricky though, since the skin cannot influence the gameplay and has to fit into the theme. But we're excited to see what Riot can come up with.

May has already blessed us with a lot of amazing new skins, so we can patiently wait for more. The new LGBTQIA+ champions might have to wait – but we are getting new lore soon – and the new LoL items might take a bit until we see them in our item shop.

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