RNG Defeat PSG Talon 3-1 to Return to MSI Final

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Both AD carries waged a war on the Rift (Credit: Riot Games)

Royal Never Give Up triumphed over PSG Talon in a 3-1 series in the first MSI semifinal. Good objective control and strong sidelines gave the LPL champions the victory that sealed their return to the MSI final since 2018

With the Rumble stage over, the first Mid-Season Invitational Semifinal featured LPL’s Royal Never Give Up and the PCS champions PSG Talon. While the Chinese champion was stronger in the Rumble, they did show vulnerability in some games. Could PSG find the upset or would China continue on to fight for the MSI cup?


RNG started with a victory in the first game, where their opponents had an nearly lead but were left behind in gold. Led by AD Carry Chen "GALA" Wei, the team kept the pressure and PSG were left waiting for a favorable fight that never came. It all ended 46 minutes in, when they were aced at the elder drake and RNG scored the first win of the series. PSG struck back in game 2, getting a very good early game and taking over with two teamfights as the mid-game was starting. Their aggression would cost them in several skirmishes, but an ace 26 minutes in gave them the baron. Several minutes later, with the Baron buff and mountain soul, they routed their opponents to win the game.

The LPL champions hit back hard in game 3, punishing PSG’s early mistakes. Even after an overextension gave the PCS team 3 kills, RNG stayed ahead and dominated the teamfights. A 21-minute Baron and 3 kills were all they needed to win the game.


The favorites took an early lead in the fourth game and a great skirmish 17 minutes in put them on soul point. However, PSG’s teamfighting prowess and the risky plays by their substitute AD carry Chiu "Doggo" Tzu-Chuan equalized the game. The PCS champion fought on even after their opponent secured the infernal soul. In the end, it was the Elder dragon that decided it all: RNG managed to kill the enemy jungler and secure the buff. With it, they got an ace and finally put PSG Talon down.


The MSI continues on Saturday May 22nd, with a showdown between DWG KIA and MAD Lions. Can the LEC champions repeat G2’s feat from 2019 and take down the LCK representatives, or will we have a China vs Korea final?