Schalke 04 Leaves LEC with Loss

Schalke 04 Esports says Goodbye
Goodbye Schalke 04 Esports... | © Riot Games

This was the last day in the LEC for Schalke 04 Esports. The esports org for Schalke 04 had to sell their LEC slot due to financial struggles in the Bundesliga. Sadly, this means that next year, we won't be seeing the royal blue in the LEC arena in Berlin anymore.

Today marks the day that Schalke 04 esports is not part of the LEC anymore. The choice to leave esports behind to focus on their main sport – soccer – was a hard one. The team wanted to leave the LEC with a bang, but even that wasn't possible.

Emotional Goodbye from the LEC for Schalke 04

2021 wasn't an easy year for Schalke 04 esports. The org managed to squeeze into the playoffs with a 9-9 record during the Spring Split, but were quickly eliminated by G2 esports.

The Summer Split was even worse and even though the team had dreamed of showing off their prowess one final time, they faltered when it mattered most and didn't even qualify for the 2021 Summer Split Playoffs.

Throughout the Summer Split, the team only managed 3 wins. Not to mention that morale was at an all-time low after the announcement that the team was being sold to the Swiss organization Team BDS. No miracle run for Schalke in 2021.

BrokenBlade, Schalkes top laner, talks about the situation:

Schalke 04 esports Moments in the LEC

Schalke 04 Esports gave German League of Legends fans many emotional moments throughout their time in the LEC. The miracle run of 2020 is the first that comes to mind, where Gilius managed to revive the team and carry them into the playoffs from the Jungle.

Having a homegrown German team with such a storied football background was also special. Schalke 04 brought together traditional sports and esports in a spectacular manner.

The LEC also thanks the organization for their commitment and all the emotional moments throughout the last few years:

LEC Teams say Goodbye

Fnatic was the final boss for Schalke 04, playing them in their last match in the LEC. The team reacted quite emotional in their match against the Royal Blue.


and the MAD Lions will also miss Schalke 04 esports and hope that the team can make a comeback in a few years!

Also, us here at EarlyGame will miss Schalke 04 esports as part of the LEC. We hope to see the org make a full financial recovery so that we get to witness some more miracle runs in the future!

Until then, we will miss you Schalke and all the best in the future endeavors of the team and organization!

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