LoL Season 14 Changes: These Are The Wishes Of The Community

LoL Season 14 is upon us and many players have the feeling that the game has gone stale. Usually the pre-season introduces massive changes to the game, so many gamers were sharing their ideas online. Let's take a look at them and see if they're viable for LoL.

Season 14 Changes Fans Ideas
LoL Season 14 changes : Players are already discussing their wishes for the Season 14 |©Riot Games (Montage)

League of Legends 14th season is already on the horizon and as usual many players and fans are already discussing what the new season should bring into the game. Some of them could be classified as hopes or dreams and others are more like demands for fixes for certain problems.

So we took a look into the vivid discussion on the LoL Subreddit and filtered the best and some of the worst ideas.

LoL Season 14 Changes: What Should Be Done

Listening to fans is a two-sided sword for every game developer. On the one side, players can useful feedback or even advises improving the game, the functionality of certain features or the lore. On the other side, it's never the majority of players that are the loudest in forums, comments or other platforms and every dev knows, it's almost impossible to satisfy everyone.

So, a good mixture has to be found. Which brings us the wishes, hopes and demands of the League of Legends Subreddit users for the upcoming Season 14 of the game. The thread was created by the user "KeyMessageToConsider" in which he describes his problem with the current state of the game and his wish for improvements.

My biggest hope for preseason 14 is changes that mean creativity will be more rewarded. The game (especially in pro play) has become way too formulaic and "flowcharty" for my taste - especially because of dragon soul.
by u/KeyMessageToConsider in leagueoflegends

According to him, the lack of freedom and creativity in the game itself and especially in pro-games is one of the biggest problems at the moment. And so he proposes changes to the worth of objectives, like Dragons, turrets and the Baron,

Everything is about teamfighting always because objectives are so strong that you need to draft in a way that you optimize your chances of winning objective fights. Trading on the other side of the map as a strategy still happens but it's pretty much dead as a strategy in its own right. 1-3-1 team comps have not been a thing since like 2019.

But it seems like, that he's the only one with this opinion, since many of the most upvoted comments are criticizing the idea to lower the importance of objectives. According to many other users, this would even lead to an even more boring ingame experience, since the objectives at least force teams and players to interact with each other. It seems like nobody wants to have back the split push meta.

Barbarian Sion Skin
Do you want to have back the always splitpushing Sion? |©Riot games

But there seems to be a deeper problem with the Dragon system in League of Legends, since many Reddit users are naming it, as a thing that has to be changed. For example the user "InsertANameHere", who wrote,

I hated the idea of dragon souls from the moment it was announced. It creates more scenarios where a game is practically over before it actually ends. Dragons were good enough without adding a buff that says "your team wins any fight that's not completely troll" for collecting enough of them. Baron and Elder Dragon already existed - why did the winning team need more help closing out games?

Or the user "dentastic", who had a similar take on the dragon situation, "The dragon soul and the mythic system both suck. The dragon soul has just been in the game too long at this point: it's been solved. You out a win condition on the map, people will play towards it." Well this might not be the strongest argument, since many things have been in the game for a long time.

But a few users are at least agreeing with the idea to bring in more freedom in the item built department. According to them the new season needs "a sh*t ton of changes" to feel fresh again. The user "PixilatedLabRat" phrased it this way,

Look at every other part of the game for evidence. 95% of champions max the same abilities in the same order every match. 95% of champions also build the same mythic item every match - and aside from tanks also the same legendary items. This game is completely filled with the illusion of choice [...] This game is not about playing how you want and making your abilities and items cater to your playstyle, it's about doing exactly what Riot wants, and depending on how well you do that is how often you'll win.

All in all it seems like the majority of users don't really have an idea how to change the game. Most of them just want new stuff, new features and some changes, so the game has to feel different from before.

LoL Season 14 Changes: Some Interesting Ideas

Pentakill Sona Mord Karthus
Some ideas sound very interesting |©Riot Games

But there are also some nice and interesting ideas, that Riot Games should consider, here a short best of:

The user "fjstadler" proposes changes to the buffs in the game,

I am once again asking for Blue/Red buffs after 10 minutes to be made invade-worthy. 99% of team fights happen in river and sidelanes, but never jungle. Some champs need the tight corridors to shine, and jungle fights are more exciting, creative flanks = giga value.

The user with the easy to spell name "XdddXdddddxxxdxd", thinks that the baron is way too easy to kill, "Biggest one people here are missing is baron needs to be like 2x harder to kill. So dumb that pretty much any duo involving a good dps champ can do baron at 20min". This might be true, especially since games tend to have a longer playing time in the last couple of weeks.

And to bring in some anarchy, the user "Jumpy_AD-3785" has a rather wild idea,

I would like to see the dragon spawn randomly between the current drag pit or the baron pit. No one gets warning which pit the first spawns in until 30 seconds to spawn.This means there's a chance top lane has more agency, and fights could happen ip there. Adds a little randomosity but not randomness that could throw the game for a team.

And there you have it, the most interesting ideas by the Reddit Community regarding changes for LoL Season 14. Of course, we will keep you up-to-date when official news regarding the next season are released.

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