Sentinels Event Release Date, Info & More

Sentinels Event League of Legends
The Ruined King is sitting upon his throne in the Shadow Isles | © Riot Games

Riot Games is preparing fans for something big. A mysterious photo of Shyvana dropped on the official League of Legends Twitter, as well as a lot of other hints which show the next League of Legends champion as well as which event will be taking place quite soon.

League of Legends has been focusing on their lore over the last few months, bringing out new champions related to the Ruination which is currently overtaking Runeterra. Viego and Gwen were the two newest champions and we know for sure that two more are coming.

So what exactly is happening right now? We take a look to decipher all the cryptic messages Riot has sent us over the last few days.

What is the next League of Legends Event?

The next event will be the Sentinels event, which is going to bring together the various Sentinels of light to fight the devastation which the Ruination is causing. This Ruination can be clearly seen in the earlier trailer where champions like Draven and Darius get taken over by the black mist and also by the newest trailer in which we find out the first nation to fall is Demacia.

This is probably going to be the biggest event of the year in League of Legends. Ryan 'Reav3' Mireles, lead champion producer, noted on Reddit that originally the new Yordle mage champion, as well as Ruined King: A League of Legends story, were originally supposed to be released before the Sentinels event, but due to COVID-19 both of these plans fell through.

This won’t stop the Sentinels event from happening though and he also explained that the new mage Yordle will still be part of the story, she just won’t be released during the event yet due to some complications in her design work.

Who is the next LoL Champion?

The next champion is a Sentinel of Light. That much is known for sure. The character design had been leaked before but is now confirmed with a poster that depicts various Sentinels of Light like Senna and Lucian as well as Viego on the other side.

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In the bottom right of the poster, a new champion is visible. He has a grappling hook as was stated before by developers and his clothing resembles that of Shurima, making it pretty obvious that this is going to be the next released Champion.

According to some data miners, they also found out his name through one of the cryptic tweets Riot has sent out. In the message it says:

To the Sentinels. In the event of my death, I appoint Akshan as my successor, to inherit my weapon and keep Shurima protected from the forces of undeath. May you one day find us, Shadya.

Through this message hidden within the tweet, many believe the newest champion to be called Akshan who is depicted as the person on the right corner of the image.

Will there be Sentinel Skins Available?

There is a chance for champions to get Sentinels of Light skins during the event. On the poster revealed by Riot, Vayne and Graves can be seen facing off against Viego which could mean that they'll get Sentinel of Light skins.

Also, from the original Ruination trailer, we know that Vayne is with Poppy when she discovers the symbol for the Sentinels of Light, so Poppy could also be getting a new look for this event.

When Will the Sentinels Event Take Place?

The event should start with LoL Patch 11.14. Currently, Riot is testing out a new game mode as well as new cosmetics to the map which will fit into the Ruination storyline. With the release of a new champion as well, it might take another two weeks of testing before releasing everything to the live servers.

Until then, LoL Patch 11.13 is set to come out in two days with new items as well as a Tahm Kench mini rework.

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