New Sentinels and Ruined Skins Out on PBE

Sentinels of Light
Graves is ready to face Viego | © Riot Games

As predicted, more Ruined and Sentinel Skins are coming to League of Legends. In LoL Patch 11.14 we will be getting 5 new Sentinel skins as well as 1 Ruined skin, but the fun doesn’t stop there, because PBE has a lot more in store for us!

Yes, Riot is going all-in for this event with even more skins that fit perfectly into the lore of Viego, the Ruined King, and his destruction of Runeterra. Even more skins just went live on the PBE servers for testing and we’ve got all the juicy details for you right here.

Which Champions are Getting Ruined and Sentinel Skins in LoL Patch 11.15?

Right now there are 5 champions who look to be getting Ruined and Sentinel skins. The Sentinels of Light are growing their army with three more champions, while two skins will go to the side of Viego and join the Ruination.

These champions are getting new skins in Patch 11.15:

  • Miss Fortune
  • Thresh
  • Graves
  • Pyke
  • Rengar

As we’ve guessed from the new voice lines from Vayne, Miss Fortune will fall to the Ruination, joining Karma and Shyvana. Thresh is getting an unchained look, and he looks especially fierce and scary.

Who would have ever thought Pyke to be a good guy though? What made him join the Sentinels of Light? Hopefully we will find out more in Patch 11.15 or during the upcoming League of Legends RPG.

When Will These Skins Go Live?

These five new skins are first being tested on PBE for a two-week period, and will be playable for everyone in LoL Patch 11.15. For now, though, we will have to make do with the Sentinel of Light skins we get in LoL Patch 11.14.

How Many Sentinels and Ruined Skins are There?

So far there are 9 skins, not including the ones which were just announced. Of course, Senna and Lucian without skins are technically also part of the Sentinels of Light, but we don’t think those count. Let us know on Twitter if you think otherwise!

What do we know about the new Champion Akshan?

Originally we suspected that he would be released in LoL Patch 11.14, since he was part of the announcement poster from the Sentinels event, and he was also mentioned in the source code of the riddle, but it seems he needs a bit more time in development.

It could be that we see him for the second part of the Sentinels event, though. Maybe he will go live on the PBE servers in the coming days. Once that happens we will make sure to let you know so you can prepare your fingers to play this new mid lane champion. He is sure to be hooking us in with his playstyle.

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