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In this Champion Guide, you will learn how to utilize Sett's strengths to gain a lead earlier on in any game. So, if you're looking for a top lane pick that goes into basically any matchup, then look no further than Sett. His early game is dominant, and his mid game is also nothing to scoff at. To find out exactly how this all works, keep reading our Sett champion guide to master the Boss.

Sett is one of the most picked top laners in recent times. Even pro players have noticed this beast and are using him quite often. This all happened thanks to some buffs he got a few patches ago, as well as nerfs to his direct counters, which means the Boss comes out on top. The snowball-meta we're currently in is also helping him be better with every passing patch.

Sett Guide: Runes and Item builds

Conqueror is the best keystone for Sett, due to his passive synergizing well with the rune. Each auto-attack generates stacks for Conqueror, which means even after one rotation, he's already got a fully stacked Conqueror. Legend: Alacrity is another great rune to pick for Sett, since the attack speed buff is extremely good for taking towers in the mid game. Not to mention how it helps against cc of the opposing team.

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Let's look at the item build, where we see a tendency towards AD and HP. Both scale perfectly with his kit and should not be missing from any items. Stridebreaker helps Sett stay close to his opponents and Sterk's Gage is used for Sett to survive fights for as long as possible, so you get to use all of your combos.

Sett Guide: Early Game

Sett's early game is one of the best in the game. His passive Pit Grit allows him to throw out two auto-attacks instead of one. This means that low-level trades will usually go in his favor. No other top laner can compete, especially at level 1 or 2. You'll also have to play extremely aggressive with him and punish the opponents at all times. That's why we suggest to take E at level 1. That way, you can stun your opponent and utilize the passive.

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Generally, Sett wants to trade as much as possible in lane. The second part of his passive lets him gain additional health regeneration based on his missing health. What this Sett Champion Guide is trying to tell you, is that the less life he has, the more value you get from your passive. So just follow this Sett Guide's easy early game steps to dominate: E for the stun, 2 passive auto attacks, Q, 2 auto attacks, and finally W – if your opponent even managed to survive all those other attacks before.

Sett Guide: Mid Game

If you've made it out of the early game with any type of lead, then Sett is going to be even stronger in the mid game. His abilities truly shine in any 2v2 or 3v3 skirmishes, since he is as strong as two champions on his own. Therefore, it's also hard for opponents to take any objectives when Sett is around. So push the side waves and then rotate to one of the objectives (Dragon, Herald, Turrets). Find a flank and then look for the key player on the enemy team. Your ult will take them out of any fight.

Even front-to-back fights where both teams have their tanks in the front and their carries in the back aren't a problem for Sett. Just ult an enemy tank to the back and try to stun as many opponents as possible with his E. You can also take some damage because that will just charge up his W, which you can use to destroy some backline squishies.

Sett Guide: Late Game

Sett's late game is his definitely his weak point. His kit loses damage, and he only has so much mobility to work with, which means it'll be hard to get to the backline carries. But worry not! This EarlyGame Sett Champion Guidewill show you just how to deal with that! Just adjust your item build and buy tank items. Then, you'll have to play it like a full-tank. Keep the carries safe, sacrifice yourself if need be, and ult away anyone who dares touch your ADC. Just tank damage, so your carries can survive and rip the opponent to shreds. EZ. GG.

Sett Guide: Good and Bad Matchups

As mentioned above in our Sett Champion Guide, Sett is a great blind pick, but that doesn't mean that he's good against everyone. Renekton, Dr. Mundo, Ornn and Volibear are part of the champion pool that could be difficult for Sett to deal with in the early game. Jax is a champion Sett will beat early, but can't come close to in the later stages of the game.

Good matchups on the other hand are Fiora since her W can never react to Sett's E or the new Champion Gwen. Her early game is just horrendous in comparison to Sett's, and he won't give her any opportunity to scale. Tanks like Sion and Shen are also pretty easy for Sett to play against since he has enough damage to win any trade.

Hopefully, you could take away a few things from our Sett Champion Guide and will have a lot of fun playing the top lane Boss in your next match. He is free to play this week.

This Sett Champion Guide was written by Kamon & Autophil – two Top 500 LoL players worldwide, who also offer coaching. If you're interested, you can find out more about their services here @GetGoodCoaching.

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