Rogue Finish On Top of LEC Summer Split

After their earlier slump, G2 are back on track. © G2 Esports

After the three-day superweek, Rogue stand on top of the table. MAD Lions, Misfits Gaming and G2 Esports are tied for second and Fnatic and Vitality filling out the top 6.

With the LEC Summer Split almost at an end, it was time for the final push. Almost every team had a chance to either make playoffs or improve their standing in the top 6. Who would rise and who would fall?

Fnatic Stumble on Friday

Team Vitality started the LEC superweek with a decisive win against FC Schalke 04 Esports. Vitality got several early kills and dominated the mid-game with a stellar performance by Oskar "Selfmade" Boderek. Schalke never got the chance to scale.

Despite falling behind early against SK Gaming, Astralis’ map awareness and coordination proved vital. They punished SK several times, eventually getting a clutch Baron to take over the map. With this win, they knock SK out of playoffs contention.

In game three, Excel had to take on heavy favorites Rogue. The early game was quite even, with Excel at times having slight leads. However, Rogue’s superior macro gave them a clutch advantage in the mid-game and while it took nearly 40 minutes, they got it done.

MAD Lions faced G2 Esports in the next match. After an early game bloodbath, G2 started getting ahead. MAD showed signs of life as the game progressed, even getting the first Baron. It came down to a fight near the Elder drake, where after a 1-1 G2 secured the Elder and completed the ace to get the win.

In the last game of the day, Fnatic had an impressive start against Misfits Gaming, getting several early kills and a gold lead. However, Misfits punished several overextensions and kept the game close.. The game was decided in a fight near the elder drake, where Misfits secured the key buff and ended the game.

Vitality's Desperate Victory

The Saturday games began with Misfits taking on SK Gaming. Despite expectations, SK had the early lead and while they didn’t move on the map as well as Misfits did in the mid-game, they put up a heck of a fight and it took 3 Barons and 38 minutes for Misfits to put them down.

The fight between Excel Esports and Astralis, meanwhile, was key to both teams’ chances for the last playoff spot. After leading for most of the game, Excel gave their fans a fright after letting Astralis steal a Baron and deny the dragon soul. However, a 4-1 in the decisive fight secured them the win.

The next game saw Team Vitality take on Rogue in a fight for their playoff hopes. Despite losing several early kills, the Spring finalists dominated the early game and looked set for a decisive win when Vitality caught them overchasing 21 minutes, aced them and took the Baron. This turned the game around and while it took twenty more minutes, Vitality pulled off the upset.

Schalke might be eliminated from playoff contention and the team might be selling its spot, but they did not make it easy for G2 Esports. They had a good early game and secured both a cloud soul and the first Baron. Teamfights were close, though, and G2 came back after a win at the elder drake. Even afterwards, Schalke fought on - but it was not enough.

Fnatic and MAD Lions brawled in the early game. Despite MAD’s good poke, Fnatic stayed close in kills and gold until 23 minutes in, when the Lions got four kills near the Baron and secured the objective. Fnatic tried to fight back, but they found no way to get a decisive teamfight win against MAD and were pushed back in their own base.

G2 Secure the 3-0

After their Saturday loss to Vitality, Rogue returned with a convincing win against SK Gaming. Ever since Emil "Larssen" Larsson’s first blood 3 minutes in, Rogue stamped their aggression on the game. Even with a few niggles in the execution, by the mid-game they were too far ahead for SK to catch.

With both teams’ playoff chances on the line, Team Vitality and Astralis faced off in the second game. However, it quickly became clear Vitality was stronger on the day, getting an early advantage and never letting go.

In the team’s likely final game, Schalke 04 took on Fnatic. The favorites retained a small lead for most of the early game despite Sergen "Broken Blade" Çelik playing great in the top lane. Schalke fought hard, but Fnatic's map dominance was too much to overcome.

MAD Lions left no chance to Misfits, picking up a high-damage composition and getting an early lead. Matyáš "Carzzy" Orság went on a tear with his Draven, cashing in more and more kills as he led his team to a brutally one-sided victory.

The last game of the week - and season - featured a G2 eager to take a top 4 spot and Excel hoping to see their first playoff yet. Surprisingly, it was Excel with the early game lead, but 20 minutes in they overchased and got aced. G2 did not relinquish their advantage and proceeded to close out the game.

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Playoff Table
Now it's time for playoffs. © RiotGames

With that, the regular season of the LEC is at an end. For some teams, this brings elation - for others, like Astralis and Excel, it is cause for heartache. Playoffs begin on August 13. In the meantime, follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more LoL news and analysis.