After Only 7 Months T1 Is Firing World Champion Trainers Again

T1 fires coaches Daeny and Zefa
Bye T1: Faker continues without Daeny and Zefa | © T1 & Faker

World Champions T1 have fired their coaches Daeny and Zefa. The coaches had just under six months to try and get the team back on track, and they failed. T1 is currently only in the midfield of the LCK. It seems that the glory days of T1 are coming to an end for good.

The world's most famous League of Legends team T1 fired their two coaches Yang "Daeny" Dae-in and Lee "Zefa" Jae-min . The team had already been struggling for some time; this season they achieved only six wins for five defeats. They were stagnating in the middle of the pack, but even so, this reaction seems hasty from T1. These coaches were only signed in January. The team thanked them on Twitter, of course, and wished them all the best for the future.

T1 Fires Daeny And Zefa

In short, the coaches could not achieve the desired increase in performance. T1 had been failing for some time, at least by comparison to their previous highs. Under Daeny and Zefa, things did not improve. Now, the team is still fifth in the league, so it's not strictly the end days yet, but fifth isn't nearly good enough for T1.

T1 have Faker on their team, a League of Legends god who's considered a national icon in Korea. Faker has been able to win three championship titles with T1. The last one was in 2016, however, since then the team has experienced a steady but constant decline and the new coaches have not been able to reverse that trend.

Faker actually wants to chase his 4th world title, but T1 might not be the team to do it, as they're in the unfortunate position of potentially failing to qualify for this year's World Championship. The previous assistant coaches Moment and Stardust might be able to turn the tide until new coaches are hired, but it seems unlikely.

Faker And The Team Knew Nothing About The Dismissal

The players of T1, including Faker, knew nothing of the upcoming dismissal of their coaches. They were only informed at the press conference after the last game.

Somehow, everything looks very dirty at T1. Last year, there was speculation that an American should prepare the team for games in the future. However, the fans made their opinion clear and spoke out against this personnel decision.

Daeny shared on Twitter: "I also feel bad about leaving T1 and not being able to carry out my duties as head coach. Still, I feel like I've been doing my best over the past eight months and wish them nothing but the best for 2021. "

No doubt this comes as sad news to many fans, but something needs to change at T1 or we might never see them return to former glory.

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