TFT Fates Championship: Schedule, Format, and Prize Pool

Teamfight Tactics Fates Championship
The Fates Championship is coming later this year. (Credit: Riot Games)

The Teamfight Tactics community is always looking for competitive action and Riot Games already announced one of the biggest TFT tournaments ever with the TFT Fates Championship. Here's everything you need to know!

Teamfight Tactics grew from an Auto Chess copy to a competitive sub-genre of League of Legends. The game is enjoying a lot of attention and updates are keeping it all fresh and changing. The only thing that's missing is big tournaments – or should we say "was missing".

TFT Fates Championship

The TFT Fates Championship will gather 24 of the best players from around the world and offer a total prize pool of $250,000. Now that's massive! Riot Games commented:

The Teamfight Tactics competitive community continues to grow and as a result, we are increasing both the amount of opportunities available to players and the prize pool of the event. The Fates Championship will feature twenty-four competitors who will be competing for $250,000 dollars in prizes in the online competition."

The event will last for a total of three days between April 7 and April 9. The prize pool will be distributed as follows:

TFT Fates Prize Pool distribution
A sixth of the prize pool will go to the champion! (Credit: Riot Games)

TFT Fates Championship Format

The official schedule is yet to be revealed at a later date but here's everything we know about the format so far. The 24 players will be determined by qualifiers that are already underway.

TFT Fates regions
Each region will send its best player(s). (Credit: Riot Games)

TFT Fates will feature the Swiss format with players dropping out each day.

Day 1

  • 24 players
  • 5 rounds of Swiss play
  • Players will be sorted into three lobbies based on their regional performance
  • 16 players will advance to Day 2.

Day 2

  • 16 players
  • 5 rounds of Swiss play
  • Players will be sorted into two lobbies based on their performance on Day 1.
  • Top 8 advance to Day 3.

Day 3

  • Top 8 players
  • Point race
  • The first player to accumulate 18 points will be pronounced winner and declared the TFT Fates Champion.

There is still almost two months before the start of the event, so stay tuned for any updates!

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