TFT: New Traits Coming Patch 11.2

Dragon Master Swain
Swain has been invited to the Festival of Beasts (Credit: Riot Games)

The Festival of Beasts is upon us and with it, 20 champions are being removed from the game, but players are also gaining a multitude of champions. Some of the most popular traits are also taken out of the game and being replaced with new ones.

So enjoy the last days of Dusk, Moonlight, Dazzler, Hunter and Shade, since these traits did not seem to get their invitation into the next set update. Instead, players are going to experience Fabled, Dragonsouls, Syphoners, Executioners and Slayers.

Let’s take a look at what these new comps have to offer:

Dragonsoul (3/6/9) will include 7 new champions – Brand and Tristana as 1-cost, Braum as 2-cost, Shyvanna as 3-cost, Aurelion Sol and Olaf as 4-cost and Swain as 5-cost. The first Dragonsoul champion to take damage will get extra attack speed and spell power while sending a blast of a percentage of health at enemies every 5 attacks.

To play Dragonsoul players will have to position their champions correctly, since getting the Dragonsoul buff onto a champion like Braum won’t be any good since he is merely a human meat shield. Also, having only long-ranged Dragonsoul champions will also negate the buff, since they might not take any damage from the backline.

Slayer (3/6) is another new trait that will include a total of 6 championsZed and Pyke as 2-cost, Darius as 3-cost, Olaf and Tryndamere as 4-cost and Samira as a 5-cost. This trait gains lifesteal and bonus damage depending on their buff.

Slayer champions will deal more damage to low health opponents and when their own health falls low they will also gain more lifesteal. This means that in a 3-Slayer comp a Slayer will deal 30% damage and gain 30% lifesteal. If the Slayer's health falls low, the lifesteal is increased to 60%. The same goes for Bonus Damage.

Executioner (2/3/4) is a new trait with 3 champions, so to get the 4 Executioner buff players will have to hope for a Chosen. Kindred will be a 3-cost, Xayah and Kayle will be 4-cost Executioners. These champions will always deal critical hits if their opponents fall behind a certain health threshold.

Conqueror Nautilus
Nautilus is back as a Fabled Vanguard (Image Credit: Riot Games)

Syphoner (2/4) brings back the healing abilities of Celestial from the third set but improves it. This trait will heal for a certain amount of damage they've dealt. The self-healing aspect of Syphoner's is higher than that of champions who aren't part of the trait. This means that when having two Syphoners, the whole team will heal for 10% of the damage they do, while the Syphoners heal a solid 45%. Champions with this trait include 1-cost Nasus, 2-cost Vladimir, 4-cost Morgana and 5-cost Swain.

Fabled (3) is a three-piece that only activates when all three Fabled champions are on the board. The trait gives each of the champions a bonus to their ability. Each Fabled champion will gain a different bonus. This trait includes 2-cost Nautilus, 3-cost Neeko and 4-cost Cho’Gath.

The mid-set update will hit with Patch 11.2 so until then, make sure to play the last few games of Moonlight and Dusk, since afterwards you’ll have to get used to some new traits and whole new gameplay options.

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