TFT Patch 10.22: What Are the Strongest Comps?

TFT Fates
Which comps are the best on TFT Patch 10.22? (Image Credit: Riot Games)

Yesterday the new TFT patch went live and saw quite a few changes, especially to some of the most popular comps, while some champions have left the playing field. It seems that oftentimes, especially with this set, Riot will buff a composition, realize it’s too strong and then nerf it out of existence once more, which makes for less variance in play.

That’s why we’ve taken a look at the current patch and made a quick list of which comps to try out on this patch to be able to get within the top four and get that LP and climb the ranked ladder.

Sharpshooter: Jinx and Friends!

Firecracker jinx
Jinx is the main carry of this composition (Image Credit: Riot Games)

6-Sharpshooter was nerfed this patch, but the development team left 4-Sharpshooter alone and even buffed 2-Sharpshooter. This means that in the early game, any Sharpshooter composition is going to feel a lot better than before. Jinx will be your main carry in any Sharpshooter composition, so buff her up with Jeweled Gauntlet as well as a cool hat by the name of Rabadon’s Deathcap.

To keep her safe in the backline, you’ll need a beefy frontline. This can be done by implementing both Dusk and Keeper. Riven will be your frontline so beef her up with Quicksilver and Sunfire Cape. You’ll also want the shielding from the Keeper Buff so getting Jarvan who has some great AoE stuns is also a good idea. This comp will get you to the top anytime.

Moonlight and Assassins: Diana as Your Main Carry!

Do you want to have the ultimate AD comp? Then look no further than a Moonlight and Assassins comp. Diana will be the main carry since she has some great sustain in her kit with the shield, as well as damage thanks to her spell. If you get a Moonlight Chosen, this will be even better!

Pyke, Katarina, Akali, and Talon will be your other assassins. Pyke can stun opponents with his spell which is going to feel great as you watch Katarina shred through the opponents with her ultimate spell. If you’re lucky and manage to get a spatula, combine it with a Brawlers’ Glove to get a final Assassin for that sweet 6-Assassin buff.

Enlightened and Mystic: Stay Safe and Deal Damage

Beständiges Schwert Talon
Talon as your main Damage Dealer

This comp will take a while until you’ve completed it since your core set of champions are all either 3 or 4 cost, but the end result is going to feel amazing. You’ll want to get Janna leveled up as quickly as possible because her shielding is going to be an important part of the composition. Equip her with Blue Buff so she can shield her allies as often as possible. The best option would also be to find her as a Chosen Mystic, for you to get the 4 Mystic buff in the late game.

Other than Janna, you’ll want to get Talon and Morgana as well as Irelia to complete the 4-Enlightened buff. Talon is going to be your main damage dealer so give him Infinity Edge as well as Guardian Angel. The less random pattern of Morgana’s AoE attack is also going to feel great on this patch and makes her an important part of the composition. You can also add in Shen and Yone into this composition for the Adept buff, slowing enemies for the first couple of seconds which will give your composition a chance to really shred opponents. Not to mention Yone is one of the most prized 5-Cost champions in this Set.

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