TFT: Patch 11.3 Buffs Dragonsoul and Slayer

Darius Patch 11.3
Darius will be getting some Buffs this patch so he can continue to dunk Fortune on his opponents... or is it misfortune? (Credit: Riot Games)

The TFT festival of Beasts has been going on for the past two weeks, with new traits joining the gang and now it’s time for the first update to Set 4.5. A few of the newcomers haven’t felt as powerful as wanted, hence why they’re getting some much-needed buffs while others are getting nerfed. But enough chit-chat let’s jump into the changes.

Changes to Traits in TFT Patch 11.3

Divine is getting a slight rework done since the comp hasn’t felt too good lately. It is decent early but isn’t something players want to go into late game with. Hence why the ascension time has been changed to flat out always 6 seconds, while the damage reduction scales (45% → 35/45/55/65%) as well as the added true damage (45% → 35/45/55/65%). This is going to make running Divine much better.

Slayer will also get some buffs, which will feel especially satisfying for anyone who builds into a 6-Slayer comp. The lifesteal will be increased from 15-50% to 20-60% and the big whombo will be the increase to their damage going from 30-75% to 35-50%.

Finally, Dragonsoul is also getting a buff. When passing the blessing onto another champion after death, the Dragon Breath will immediately get triggered, rather than having to stack it up. This might make Shyvanna even more annoying to play against.

The only nerf in the trait department is going to Spirit who is getting a simple attack speed decrease. Nothing more. Nothing less. Easy Peasy.

Tristana Patch 11.3
Will Tristana be able to fire the opponent off the board with her buffs? (Credit: Riot games)

Champion Changes in Patch 11.3

Most champion changes are coming to 1-Cost units that have been underperforming in the current meta. One of those is Brand who will have his attack range increased so hopefully, he doesn’t have to walk into enemy fire just so he can shoot off a few firebolts.

Elise is also getting a bit of a rework. When in spider form, her attacks will increase the amount of mana needed of her opponent. The added health of her spider form is cut though from 35/40/45% to 25/30/45%.

Tristana will also fire off her rapid-fire attacks a little quicker thanks to the buff she will receive with this patch. The attack speed will increase to 60/70/90%.

TFT Sheet Patch 11.3
These are all the changes coming to TFT this patch (Credit: Riot Games)

The only 3-Cost champion on the list of champion changes is Darius who will be dunking on his opponents with a bit more power. His Fortune Guillotine Damage will increase from 550/800/1300 to 550/850/1400.

So, there you have it. A few small changes to the patch. Will you be playing Divine in Patch 11.3 or stick to the comps you know work?

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